[PC] Celebrating the DLC release with a SERVER WIPE! PVE-C with double XP and harvest rates!

Server Name: Touchin’ Butts

IP Address:

Host: Survival Servers

Discord: Yes! PM for details!

Settings: Double XP and harvest rates, halved craft times, halved night times

We’re a very small server starting over in celebration of the DLC content and forthcoming mega-patch! If you want a clean slate upon which to build your Khitan empire, please consider joining us. :slight_smile: We’re a chill, relaxed group with a focus on building, exploring, and adventuring across the Exiled Lands. PvP is secondary to our interests, though we’re definitely not above it… :wink:

Conflict hours are from 6pm EST - 11pm EST on the weekdays, and from 12pm EST - 11pm EST on the weekends. Building destruction is permitted during the same hours.

Admins will be building an arena for hosting PvP events. There will also be various treasures hidden around the world behind destructible obstacles like NPC-loaded towers and monster-infested mazes!

Since we’re starting fresh, there’s only one active clan of friends right now, so please bring your friends over and join us!