PC - Crash everytime after 2 minutues or so in game - "renderthread.cpp[line 959] "crash messages

Frequency - every game, after about 2-3 minutes

Attempted fixes - machine/filters/fans physically cleaned of dust etc. Integrity has been checked.
Started - after latest hot fixes - never happened previously.
Symptoms - game freezes, sound continues, then crashes, error message/utility pops up.

Effect - just cannot play the game at all, extremely frustrating.

\where and on what - PC, unofficial server

EDIT: I’ve no particular knowledge of the specific message in your title, but given my recent and quite similar crashes and that you did not mention anything about mods, perhaps this will help.

You’ve likely already tried this, but what usually causes this or similar to happen to me is due to having had mods installed before a patch or hotfix. Disabling them in the modslist.txt file does not always seem to work and I have to ensure that I’ve unsubscribed from all of them in the workshop before I can get the game to run again without crashing.

Once that is done and I get the game to run and start properly, I can begin checking which mods are updated or claim to work with the patch and resubscribe and test them one at a time (which is actually what I am currently doing after having switched from TestLive back to my Live game).

Tried that (and a total reinstall) but no joy. But thank you for the response.

No problem at all. I know how frustrating it can be.

Oh, hey. This may sound crazy, but when I first came back to Conan a little over a month ago after a gaming break of several months, it absolutely would not run. After hours and hours, I remembered something I had to do months before which was to uninstall GeForce Experience. I’ve no idea how that would make a difference, but it worked both times. The first time, I found it in a running list of things to try to solve game crashes.

If you’re running GeForce Experience, it may be worth a shot to try uninstalling. Either way, I hope you get some help or find a solution soon.

Hey guys, sorry to hear of the trouble. In order to get a better idea of what’s happening we’ll need to see more information about your system and installation. Please go to funcom.com/help and open a tech ticket and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

OK, turned out to be quite a hardware issue (1 graphics card knackered, the other on it’s last legs), so not a game issue as such.

Thanks for the update!

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