-PC- [[Exiled]] Chat everytime i log out and comeback?

Game mode: Singleplayer / CO-OP
Problem: Chat box is bugged
Platform: PC

i created a new game with no mod and it runs just fine until i exit the game, when i comeback to continue my data, everytime i type something i will type it twice and i have [[exiled]] name instead of my name in the chat box.

the only solution i know: killing my character or creating a new save game, it fixed the [[exiled]] name up until i exit the game again but when i continue the save data the same problem will occur again which mean i have to kill myself everytime i load my saved game in order to use the chat box.

how do i fix this?

My girlfriend and I are having the same problem. Tried wiping the save folder entirely and it still persists. Noticed this problem started after official launch, it worked fine before hand.

I’m so sorry, I’ve had this and resolved it, but for the hell of me can’t remember how.

@ blazeredrow yes it seems it only occur to some people since 2 of my friend didn’t have this problem, also it only occur on single player / co-op mode because it works normal on a dedicated server.

@ PitMonk would be great if you can remember how to fix it, thank you.


they just pushed an update today but my problem still persist, can’t enjoy my co-op experience with my friend right now sadly with no chat box.

I’m thinking hard I promise
I did raise a forum bug about it, I’m looking for it.