[[Exiled]] Double Posting Chat Bug

Game mode: Single-player/Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Co-op
Region: US/Europe

I’ve googled this problem and searched the forum for this, but it’s been a while and I’ve yet to find an actual ‘fix’ for this, so I figured I’d try my luck and post myself this time. Basically, I’m hosting a Co-op game with my friend, and every time I load up the game and invite my friend, whatever I say in the chat shows up as “[[Exiled]]: (whatever I said)” twice. IT shows up fine for them, but in my chat it’s bugged. I also can’t use clan chat, I would guess because the chat doesn’t actually recognize me as being in the clan, though when my friend used it, I still got the messages anyway, I just couldn’t switch to typing in clan chat (not that it really matters, since we’re the only two playing, obviously, but it’s just something I noticed). The only “fixes” I’ve found is that when I die, it goes back to normal. Alternatively, through googling the problem, I saw a thread on Steam, where the only solution they came up with was using a mod that edits your character in game, because you “die” after using it, but without losing your stuff.

Edit: I took a screenshot, but I guess I can’t add pictures to posts, yet, I just made this account to post this.

Step-by-step rundown of the bug:

  1. Create game, play a bit, quit.
  2. When joining next time, it comes up as [[Exiled]]
  3. Dying fixes it.
  4. Next time the game starts, it’s back to being bugged again.
  5. Repeat step 2 on.
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i had the same problem at official 1150 after summoning avatar, all my typings were double…

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