[PC] Exiles of the Multiverse (e)RP-PvP (Isle of Tirna Nog)


Exiles of the Multiverse is a brand new PC server on the Isle of Tirna Nog where anything is possible and there is a heavy focus on roleplaying and storytelling (and of course, ERP).

Age Restriction: 18+ Only

DISCORD: discord.gg/d4bnzczKHE

Welcome to the dimension of Splynn, home of an ancient eldritch horror named Splyn’kryth, a being of pure evil whose cultists worship it far and wide. Players can arrive here in several ways: ritually banished, a rift storm, or by any number of accidents while teleporting, taking a portal or by waystone. Any method of magical or even technological travel could possibly end with your character in this pocket dimension, opening the door for many different stories to begin from many different worlds, dimensions, universes, and even time periods. With the customization mods we have the only limit to what you can create is your own imagination.

What We Offer:

  • A friendly, welcoming and GROWING community.

  • No cost building available to all players. Get into RP faster with less grinding to build your dream home.

  • An expansive and exciting Roleplay Redux dice system with many different classes, including Summoner type classes and non-PvP professions!

  • A central market hub with many different vendors.

  • Three factions with custom daily quests.

  • Two antagonistic factions.

  • Active staff that interact with players.

  • Expansive LFRP adjectives and pronouns to make searching easier.

  • Custom dungeons planned in the future.

  • Two arenas for future dice-PvP ranked championship fights!

  • Storyteller staff ready to work with players and custom server lore to help support your storylines.

  • Daily money for logging in and starter kits available.

Get in on the ground floor of this up and coming server today with a short consent sheet that will be approved quickly and immediately access to ToT!Custom with everything unlocked. Our dedicated team is working around the clock to help players with any needs and on planned content for our growing playerbase. Join us as Season 1 officially begins!

Find our Modlist on Steam!