PC Gamepass. Fail to log in to Funcom Live Services - Feedback thread

I did just notice that as I went through the logs. It makes sense when you read it.

And I did have this game on Xbox as well long ago before I moved over to PC. So I would already have an existing ID that’s probably conflicting with the new one it assigns to your PC.

My friends that can play it have never owned it on Xbox either.

How does it make sense for the Funcom ID to be a specific PC name. That would mean using another PC would cause multiple ID’s and not sync to the one user.

This is Play-Anywhere which means the save, progress, etc is synced across multiple devices but aligned with one user. The driving factor is the Xbox Live cloud so that would need to be the Funcom ID unless we have a way to create an account and link our Xbox Live account to this.

PC name doesn’t help in any way.

I’m saying “it makes sense” because I was agreeing with you. The way you explained it, it’s clear there is a conflict between already having your Gamer Tag assigned to the game ID and then trying to connect with your PC.

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Ah gotcha…sorry if that came off wrong. I’m working and ppl are being ppl. No excuse to take that out on you.

I do wonder why its taking them so long to change this meaning I would have hoped they inserted a different path for the non Steam PC versions but maybe they coded it wrong in some way and that is the PC name thing.

I don’t know if it makes sense but I would have thought it easiest to use what occurs on xbox version because that’s embedded into how we actually download the game.

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It’s really insane how developers put a game into production without even testing it. I know very well that by the level of games there on the gamepass, this would not be acceptable by MS…Even more the problem persists for almost a week and no one has at least an answer of what it can be.

So you are aware, Narelle is not Funcom staff so please direct your commentary about our processes at us, not at them. They’re just trying to help.


All I know is that the game should be removed from Gamepass until this issue is resolved. It is incredibly frustrating to download that large of a file just to have it not work. Funcom also is notorious for taking extremely long amounts of time to resolve issues like this, so I don’t expect it to work any time soon.


Yes more than 8 months to fix the broken xbox version and in hind sight that most likely was only fixed due to the game being released on gamepass 2 weeks later, lol.

A word of advice to anyone not familiar with Funcom 1) Don’t get your hopes up it could very well be an extended amount of time before this gets resolved. 2) Don’t get to bent out of shape on these forums Funcom is extremely intolerant of criticism and is very liberal with suspensions and bans as are some of they’re loyal fans who if here long enough have the power to instantly hide comments from the forums. 3) You are better off submitting a complaint with Microsoft and then uninstalling the game while checking in here periodically to see if there is news.

I know this seems strange since 98% of game developers would have this resolved within hours trust me if you follow some of the above advice you will save yourself a ton of frustration.


having same exact problem

I found a possible workaround. At least it worked for me. I enabled mods for the game in the Xbox app and then it worked. Truly hope this helps everyone else!

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I’ve done this too and didn’t worked :frowning:

i have made this before, but nothing :frowning:

You know I wish you were wrong but…I was one of the folks who would get nausea, migraines and such because the xbox version didn’t have the option to turn off screen shake.

That took what…a year to be added after it was already on PC


Guys, I created a post on twitter for the guys at xbox, if you can give it a go and comment or repost for them to see.


Did you play Conan on Xbox at all before? Or only on PC?

I had the same problem, could not connect fo Funcom Live Services
but after uninstalling this small “Regional Specific DLC” i was able to login

but now i have trouble with this error:
and I can only play SOLO


How did you locate this and how did you uninstall it?
What is this?

funcom login failure, windows home, game pass, usa

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Same problem. Wish I knew about this problem before downloading 100gb+ considering I have a bandwidth cap.

Thanks Microsoft & Funcom.


And still no update