PC Hotfix (13.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.6: Stability, Exploits, and General fixes!

I don’t care about the Isle of Siptah map, The Exiled Lands map is full of bugs, Purge is buggy, mobs are stacked and stuck inside the ground, rarely more than one wave happens. Red Mother is disappearing in the middle of the fight. The horses and thralls are bugging on the slopes, ramps and stairs, getting stuck with the char. Glowing Goop is so bright that I use it as a reference point to walk through Swangle at night. The large chests in the Arena and Xalthar’s Refuge are always empty and you almost never find anything.
There are players who bought the “expansion” and are still playing on the good old original map, plz look at us!

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