PC Hotfix (18.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.2: Stability, healing and general fixes

Sure but if you start banding you are dead anyway because you are locked and whoever is fighting you will just finish you off. If you don’t bandage, you will die from the bleeds. It was supposed to be aloe potions and bandages but something was changed.

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nice job on the Baaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm ! :slight_smile:

Just tested healing from food in single player, I think it is ok now. Must be tested fews hours on a server now.

But the Healing Wraps is too slow and lock the player. We need x4 speed on this one too.


Yea it seems maybe a keyboard missing from the traps to work on smaller rivers and lakes. Because the traps only work along the giant river in the south no other bodies of water.

Is it me or did harvesting rates get nerfed as well? I hopped on my old server last night and killed a boss croc and then I harvested the corpse with my black blood skinning knife. I only got 60 reptile hide. Before I was getting like 260. Is this intentional.

Hye Funcom !

simply a copy and paste of a message on steam from another player.


"Increased healing amount and duration on food healing, but now breaks on damage. Players get twice the healing per tick on item use, and doubled the duration. This results in a roughly 4 times increase per food item consumed."

Finally there was a map with moderate challenge and where bandages had any value at all, and after 3 days we are going back to op chicken wings that heal you up?

And my opinion, “Increased healing amount and duration on food healing” break the challenges !

Why we need this Increased healing amount and duration on food healing ?
All games must be easy ?

We don’t have a permanent death so we don’t have a real challenge, and you increase food healing ?

My suggestion is to add the possibility to set the value of food healing and other heals, “adding a factor to the game parameters” for players like me who appreciate the difficulty.

The first adjustment of food healing was very very very good ! A very good difficulty.

Thank you for reading me and taking my opinion into account.


Ahh you mean healing thralls.
Neither bandages nor healing potions seem to work on them; so rather than healing arrows healing being too low, thralls simply dont receive additional healing at all?!
I’ve hit the use button when bandages were in the inventory of a thrall. He performed the animation but received no healing at all. I don’t remember if he even used up one.

Even without any healing performed on them, their regen is fine from my point of view.

Though: Is it a bug or actually intended? @Ignasis

explain to me how you can play if all servers have this ping … while I ping 30. last night 4 hours to try. I haven’t even been able to try the new expansion yet. You have to solve the problem soon.

I saw what you did there :rofl:
That what she said Big Bada Boom!

Yes you still get interrupted by damage. Here is a Quote from the Devs:

Not Sure if this is right or not, but relating to the healing status tool tip for Sated it looks unchanged. Can anyone confirm with me to see if it still reads as what the old tool tip did?

I understand this. I’m talking about the regeneration effect that you used to get from potions, unless that was removed and it’s just instant health after 2 seconds.

These pings are out of hand. Most times I am at 50MS to the official servers I play on. But lately they are coming up over 300 and I have to restart the client multiple times to finally get a good ping. They need to fix this crap

I agree. This is the most important bug for them to fix. For probably the last month or so, we are only able to play by using Direct Connect and knowing the IP address. Once in the ping times are acceptable.

Good afternoon!
Through the search, I did not find any mention of this problem, so I am writing here.
Perhaps this is already known. But I haven’t found any mentions. Someone can help solve the problem with PvP.

Problem: There is no “Enable PvP” item in the server settings menu.
It doesn’t depend on the version of the dedicated server. Apparently with the update they forgot to turn on the button interface or something.

Solution: manually set the value “PVPEnabled=True” in “…\DedicatedServerLauncher\ConanExilesDedicatedServer\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ServerSettings.txt”

I’ve tried several versions including a clean install. The result is the same.
If you create a cooperative game (through the game), there is a menu item. If through the dedicated server, it is not.
Here are screenshots for visualization.


Have a nice day!

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Can you confirm you’re raised the max ping to 200 to connect to a server?

Question - was the meteor shower for exiled lands timer adjusted? I play single player and it was on point 30 minutes when I entered the area, seems to have been bumped to an hour.

The Focus Altar Base and Braziers in Isle of siptah cannot be used unless Ignore container ownership is enabled. The broken controls are unlocked even with ignore ownership container. I think it’s a bug or maybe devs forgot to make the Altar Base and Braziers work like the broken controls in the Leyshrine. Pve Servers are forced to turn on Ignore container ownership to use them and it leaves players containers at risk since they cant defend because its pve. Please fix it.

The baam is much improved thank you. I am sad I can’t have a white rhino mount (no I don’t like the one with blood scars all over it)

A new patch is out: