PC Patch (11.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.2: Crafting and general fixes

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing hotfix 2.1.2, which addresses a number of issues in regards to crafting and recipes and some AI animation problems.

With this patch, we’re also enabling the anti-undermesh features in the Exiled Lands map. You can read more about this change in our announcement.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed an issue regarding Garrison Blacksmith benches missing crafting recipes.
  • The Redeemed Legion recipe was missing. We found it. No need to call the police.
  • Fixed remaining recipe issues with T4 Alchemists.


  • Rhinos and Giant Bears would sometimes get frozen in a default pose and not attack back. This has now been fixed.


  • The Frostgiant Armor attributes have been rebalanced. Its base value now gives 4 Vitality (down from 16) but now also provides a bonus of 5 Strength. This can be further improved with specialized crafters.


  • “Craft an exceptional or flawless item” Journey Step has been removed from the game and substituted with “Craft an improved work-station”.
  • Fixed an issue in regards to the Frostgiant Armor not giving bonus attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where Vines couldn’t be harvested in the Exiled lands.
  • Fixed an issue regarding warpaints visually disappearing when changing race with the Vanity Mirror.


  • The “Rent a server” button should now open the link on the default external browser instead of the internal Steam browser.
  • Fixed an issue with the Favorites server filter not working as intended.


lol it is very object and recipes! that if half of those things disappear, it would take me a few days to realize. but who hid it?

Crashed on the loading screen.
Verifying the integrity of the files, seems every time you patch, that needs to be done.
… we shall see.

…Seems to be the case.

The Delving Bench does not give armor recipes, dismantled 100 armor after the PC Hotfix patch (11/11/2020) - 0 recipes.
Weapon disassembly works, out of 20 weapons 4 recipes for eldarium weapons were obtained

  • Fixed remaining recipe issues with T4 Alchemists.
    End of oil crisis !
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What about Armor Paddings needed for repair?


Same, Armor Delving is completely broken. This is a CRITICAL BUG
You made a Slot Machine and that Slot Machine is rigged. Players are wasting hard-earned materials for NO REASON. Better fix, CHANGE DELVING. NOBODY likes a slot machine.


Fixed remaining recipe issues with T4 Alchemists.

Edit: Mod conflict on my end prevented them from showing after this hotfix.
Seems like all t4 alchemists now have the recipe, not just purge ones. Probably for the best (guess purge thralls are being made less and less relevant).

Also it seems coin and flask crafting was moved from the furnaces back to the casting table (the previous hotfix did move it).
Maybe add that to your patchnotes?



here is a summary of what happened during the time this “patch” was sent to testlive:

  • delving bench issue has been posted several times over testlive and regular forums (pc updates and bugs) .
    *legendary patch kits with proper armorer cant be made (reported everywhere) they did not spent the time to just fix the errors reported in testlive.
    thanks to @Egokrat : coins and bottles were moved to casting bench (much appreciated) yet no mention on the patch notes… really?

this is how testlive is being used atm:

  • funcom pushes a patch to testlive,
  • people starts reporting the issues in the patch ,
  • funcom sees it. but patch is pushed to live WITHOUT the set of fixes of those things reported in testlive,
  • once in live servers ((with incomplete patch notes) ) people complaint
  • they do 1 to 3 hotfixes to live servers to fix SOME ofr the issues that was reported in testlive.

ok someone tell me whats testlive good for? cause i cant understand (in a practical way) whats the point of it. for those testing on testlive you are all WASTING Your time until testlive is used properly.

have a good day!


Still no word on the fish they say makes ichor but well to be honest I think that is on purpose, they tell us this but its not true and now they have no way to say they lied on steam and it was never intended to be put back on to any fish so they just hope if they say nothing everyone will forget what they told us lol.

My problem is not that fish do not make ichor but that it was another piece of false information given and not checked before and now they just pretend its not broken. Instead of coming out and saying nope fish will never make icor again they just hedge. I guess they think we will go bored and stop asking.

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yup, confirmed the coins and bottles were moved to the casting bench! thanks!!!

as for the lack of this being in the patch notes, it shows disorganization, work in oslo office must be extremely chaotic… Funcom, please fix your internal communication, have people work in a much more organized way!

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What about the issue with placing fish traps in shallow water? Was that fixed?

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:smiley: :ok_hand: :relieved: :pray: :pray: :pray:


is bug when T4 armorer does not unlock Legendary armor patch kit or is it feature ?

I can confirm this is an issue… I’ve done tons of testing on SP. Some armor (aesir) still have what seems like a reduced rate to provide the same (aesir) armor when delving. I got 4/20 rate. But it doesn’t give frost giant after 100+ tests. Also, none of the armors that you could previously delve for armor recipes seems to be working. I’ve testing 50+ of hyena, slaver armor and cimmerian.

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In a nutshell why I uninstalled it. All the effort to make a toon and play to see all the work (apparently) ignored. I’d rather have the HDD space back thanks. If I want pointless activity I have a job for that…

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Is it now, finally, possible to get Bison Trophy?

Thanks, we can now craft oil with a T4 alchemist (bark + ichor).

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