PC Patch (17.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.3: Crafting and UI fixes

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing patch 2.1.3, which addresses a number of issues in regards to crafting and recipes as well as some UI problems.
The team focused on the crafting issues that were reported by the Conan Exiles community so thank you so much for your continued feedback.

We’re aware of an issue related to the building system that may cause performance degradation, which is currently being looked into.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, and stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed an issue regarding delving some armor pieces in Delving Bench that did not give any scroll, weapon or armor schematics
  • Fixed the issue where paddings were still needed for repairing items
  • Fixed an issue regarding delving Pride Of Aesir Armor not providing Frost Giant armor recipe
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Armor Patch Kit was unavailable for crafting
  • Fixed an issue regarding Marksman’s Vest and Marksman’s Pants that did not provide statistics bonus


  • Fixed an issue where recipes provided by Thralls were not available in Crafting Benches if the feats were unlocked after Thrall was placed in the bench


  • Fixed a visual issue for Weak Aloe Extract Icon
  • Fixed the Dyer’s Bench model as it lacked collision and had stretched or misplaced textures


hope the tanner table also got fixed…as i remember you couldent place a thrall in it even if there was a slot for him

1.82GB for this patch?

and once again, after verifying the integrity, 0.8GB download.

Try not to make your minor hotfixes the size of indy games in the future.

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29.2MB for me on Steam.


@YYBlindWarlockYY it was never the case on unmodded game. Check your mods.


I lucked out with the 29mb version as well…

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Mine is also reporting 29.2MB.

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Gooseneck, I’ve had that happen for almost every update lately. I let the update start then log out of Steam. The correct, and much smaller size, updates once I log back in.

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@Hugo , you can get weapon recipes from delving armor pieces?



Hopefully, the recipe for the T4 Alchemists are all back in. Some of them are still missing

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I see the new vanity still has no body setting in it, I guess we should be grateful they gave us this option to change our chars right I mean really its not like we need it to work correctly after a few bug fixes, guess it be like all the other things they will get to it later.

Any word on redeemed silent legion in Siptah yet?

Takes about the same time to install as a 1.8GB patch anyway on a HDD, for no reason at all.

Stormglass set appears to not be fixed, bummer. Having a bunch of black ice pieces as substitute until socket points get sorted out isn’t exactly pretty :frowning:

Not particularly having to do with this update in particular cause i didnt notice if it was like this before, but please for the love of god, stop “Balancing” weapons and tools. Like the maelstrom light for instance, latest thing I noticed ust today. like there was no reason. none at all. final breath last over 150 HOURS.so a torch that had durability instead of a timer was cool, a little different and interesting. who complained? who would complain or say it is broken enough to make it worse than a witchfire torch? lasting only an hour on top of being an insanely rare drop. Healing waterskin? stil heals for 1 hp for 1 second, make it heal like half as effective as an aloe extract for christ sakes, make it at least semi useful, it doesnt even count as a full usage for your thirst as a regular waterskin. It all started when you Fixed the annihilator, since then every weapon, tool, or other item you have Balanced has become worth about as much as dirt. wait scratch that, compost is more useful than half the stuff that has been nerfed and/or balanced

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Well you need the Silent Legion Recipe, which is so far only on Exiled Lands. They stated that not every content will be available for Siptah.

I guess you will have to be happy with SL surge drops.


I’m getting visual icon for hyborian gauntlets and chest piece swapped around playing solo on pc no mods