PC Patch (17.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.3: Crafting and UI fixes

  1. You split up the benches and made them too big. Now we need twice the room and space for basic needs like resource processing, armor, and weapons. I wonder what player asked for this clearly destructive change???

  2. You also made new benches that are now needed for upgrades to armor and items that were never asked for or wanted or needed by any player. The benches were fine the way they were and there was no need to expand on them. I wonder what player asked for this change???

  3. Now we have to rebuild our bases to accommodate all these new benches we now have to waste time building and putting somewhere. Now instead of gaming, we’re all in full scale rebuilding mode…
    Are you having fun yet folks??? How’s that pickaxe workin’ for ya?

  4. You rewrote the rules on armor and weapon crafting for some reason. To be mean to the players and have fun with your paying customers I would imagine. Now all our armors and weapons are wearing out and we need to make new ones with the new benches and in the new rules which nerfed alot of gear… Personally, my small army has to have a full armor refit…

  5. You wrecked fish traps… I still don’t get that one… Clearly none of you are real life outdoorsman. Now they need bait just to work and they hardly work now. They don’t even work in streams… There are no fish in streams??? Didn’t anyone ever take you fishing??? Did you ever play in a stream as a child???

  6. Most of the old glitches I have had a problem with since I started playing this game are still there.
    My weapons sometimes don’t work and slice through enemies causing no damge.
    My tools I need to hit on the ground before I use them if they don’t work right away.

I don’t know guys… There’s alot of mistakes here that could have been avoided. I honestly doubt anyone wanted these changes that you made.


Can’t put alchemists into the Improved alchemist bench. I tried with captured T1-4 thralls, admin spawned ones, already owned T4s. Tried picking up and placing back down, building another, spawning a new one, and no luck.

Do you use mods?
For some time Emberlight precluded the use of alchemists at the alchemist bench, but this was fixed, IIRC.

I don’t use Emberlight or LBPR. Tried without mods this morning, did not help sadly.

@rolee9309 It is definitely a mod issue and forgive me for being blunt but I don’t buy the “removing the mods didn’t help” part unless you use some mods that leave traces in the game even if removed. Emberlight (fixed) and LBPR (never had this issue) won’t prevent you from placing any thralls in the benches. GCam will, however. Afaik, they are still working on their update. There might be more mods that cause this issue.

There is no issue with the alchemists on unmodded game.


Then don’t. And I did not remove them only disabled 'em.
Still no thralls in the bench (only in that bench). I never use mods after bigger updates, I don’t even play the game for a week or two - at least I can finish my campaign in Red Alerrrrrrrt 2 :grin:

*Edit: moved the modlist.txt file and the whole workshop/content/440900 folder to another drive, removed completely (unsubscribed, deleted the mod itself and deleted it from the modlist.txt file) some smaller/older mods that I don’t used anyway, verified the files and launched the game, thralls now sit there.

I should have verified the game first it seems, and not complain after a single only-disabling-the-mods step, because probably that was the case. I honestly don’t know. Had a lot of job in real life and I play 2 other games. Everybody can do mistakes :man_shrugging:

Sorry for the misunderstanding and for being not so clear and accurate.


You solved your issue, it is all that matters. It is a common mistake people make. They think the mods are “disabled” but they are not.


Yep, that’s happed to me before, too (thinking a mod was disabled when it wasn’t).

And I really hate the ones that ‘leave a trace’ and force you to remove the entire mod list and start reloading them one by one to find the ‘offending mod.’ That is so annoying.


Здравствуйте, вместо того чтобы добавлять какие то станки выпускать DLS, всякие острова ,вы не считаете ,что у надо исправить с начала проблемы которые есть? или как продавать сырую игру так вы с радостью, но потом доделывать вы почему то ничего уже не хотите, куча проблем со светом, который светит через стены, куча проблем с рабами которые не выполняют команды, и вообще вы сами пробовали бить босса красного дракона, где раб вечно проваливается в текстуры???да и вообще огромная куча проблем, которые вы не исправляете почему то, но какого то хрена уже делаете кучу разных дополнений, вы обманщики ,нет к вам больше никакого доверия про оптимизацию я вообще молчу…

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Sigils loosing after death in PvP using flag, on PvE server, but you reborn with full equipment, would it will be fixed in that way not to loose sigils at all, cause you dont really want to do PvP with loosing so much?

Would be chests in Vaults fixed, why Vault open, but all the chests are empty?

Свет, проходящий сквозь стены, вероятно, никогда не будет исправлен. Об этом они сказали в прямом эфире.
Он также используется сообществом в своих постройках для скрытого освещения.

Lights shining through walls will probably never be fixed. They said this on a livestream.
It is also being used by the community in their builds to have hidden lighting.