PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes

Small update to PC for dedicated servers is now out that fixes an issue where whitelist was requiring SteamID and PlayfabID instead of either ID. No client update needed. We’re continuing to look into the pong spam. Thank you for your patience!


Me too. Server 1517

Fantastic. Thank you.

Seems to work now!

Did some testing:

  • All three IDs still in whitelist—login allowed.
  • Only SteamID in whitelist—login allowed.
  • Only FLSPlayerIds_TitleID in whitelist—login allowed.
  • Only FLSPlayerIds_MasterID in whitelist—login allowed.
  • Nothing in whitelist—login not allowed. (Phew.)

Effectively back to normal, with the FLS IDs as an added option.


How about a refresh button for the server list? This new update has forced me to repeatedly open and close the game to connect to a server on the East Coast (Im west coast) due to the 140 Ping Limit…

Get the server’s IP off of battlemetrics and use Direct connect

I can’t enter the game for a week already, reinstallation does not help, disabling the antivirus also. When trying to play, please restart or try again later

@ahnion Thanks buddy! Myself I saw this message and went to sleep, I had another of funcom XD

Good to know our bases are covered for when the wave of Free on Epic Store Players turn up!

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Now there is no more ‘pong spam’ in the dedicated server log window.

somehow these hotfixes and updates are funny, when i read what they should "Fix " or “Update”…

I will now write points with all my gameplay on conan exiles only server official i play till i got this game

  1. got this game on sale, Had problems to join any official because game does not understand other letters than latin… I was forced to change handwrited steam name to raw latin… ( first error i had there)
  2. Joined 1301 server, never had any bugs u guys talk there about game was almost perfect, only big ping sometimes rare
  3. First update that should fix something killed server with abnormal ping ( Update should fixed ping )
  4. Next update - Thralls AI that they not stuck in walls, abyshmall texture bug fix , thralls movement, fignting ( Update maked thralls natural IDIOTS that they kill baby animals without helping u when u are mollested by demon wolf , abyshmall now works, but red mother is next abyshmall that falls off map. Thralls now teleport in ur ■■■ ( Because forum blocks this name i will show in image what i mean with 3 letters) even u are sitting with animation, fighting is like for retards now thy take sword, then put it away… )
  5. next update - Someone said there is battle music everytime, so update fixed music ( I never heard battle music out of battle, now i hear it almost anywhere )
  6. Update : Should fix bug that there is too big ping in servers ( now i cant join because of ping too big)

So what i want to say. Please stop do these hotfixes, u guys not fixing it but making it work like opposite of what hotfix should fix somehow… Because i never had any bugs, but after each update i start to get bugs what those fixes should “fix” :frowning:

Image of thrall teleport:

Can’t see anything about people bypassing ping restrictions on official by direct connecting.

Hello, my dedicated Server is still displayed offline at battlemetrics and conan-exiles

Dawn-Server (where is my server hosted) writes the following: “Since the last patches of 16.06.2020, the server query is no longer resolved. Therefore, even if the server is online, it is not displayed as online in the web interface. We hope that the bug is still fixed by the developer.”

I read in multiple threads, that the problem is already solved. But not for me or other Private Servers.

Our community is still quite small and we need battlemetrics and conan-exiles for advertising purposes to get more players. D:

any ideas how i can fix this…pls? :I

See the other posts. All this server had big problems and this can only fix funcom. If they can really do it, i think in the year 2030 we have a good game :rofl:

Добрый вечер! Подскажите пожалуйста куда можно обратиться о нарушение игра игрового процесса с использованием читкодов?

@alexey.dunayev [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

tried the co-op again this evening, test time of connection to the hinter very long compared to before and always this error message at the end

can not use direct connect via client as pop-up window with message “No Internet connection” does not allow me to perform any action.

только с утра все нормализовалось, и вот опять. После hotfix-а выскакивает ошибка steam online services are unresponsive. ЗАЧЕМ ЛОМАТЬ ИГРУ ??? С последнего патча я 1 раз смог в нее зайти, сегодня с утра, все остальное время я должен наблюдать ошибки со стороны разработчиков !