PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)


This has bothered me for a while with this game. There is a lack that of continuity oversight. For example:

-make heavy armor at level 10 but need thick leather. Crocs used to give thick hide before dregs was added but no more. No you need rhinos, elephants, bears, and gorillas. All very difficult at level 10.

-Khitan level 10 armor required gold dust and elephant hide (now fixed)

-at various times there were tools and weapons that unlocked before you unlocked the means of making the materials required (mostly fixed now but oil and wood buildings is a good example of this at the moment)

It is as if content decisions are being made only considering the hard access questions (is the feat available) and not the soft access questions (can a player at this level reasonably expect to acquire the prerequisites). It can be frustrating. I suppose the trick is realizing that just because you can unlock the feat at an earlier level you may not be expected to use it at that point. T2 building does not just give you access to wood, but stonebrick also. If this is intended it may be Funcom’s way of saying you should not head north until you are close to level 30.

Personally, I am not a fan of the leveled zone approach to the biomes that Funcom has adopted. It is much too close to an MMO design and does not work well on a smaller server setting. I would have preferred leveled POI instead. Individual locations would be leveled up for difficulty while every thing except for starting area would be mid tier. The server is small enough that they are close to this by default but the problem is that the volcano and star metal (two main end tier content) are concentrated in the north west of the map.

It even would have been better to make the middle of the map the most difficult so that end game happens in the middle and players are pushed to the edges of the map. Alphas in the middle can them be threatened by all sides instead of backing into corners and easily blocking key resources. At least key base materials like brimstone and iron are more scattered.


strange, had it just one time on my SP, on my server all is still fine.

I think again a twilightzone-bug more, some have it while other don’t.
On my SP i simply reset it to fullnudity, and of course have the change in my ini.
And on server-side same, have my ini on read only, also because the admin-password, i’m not willing to have to reset it at each update nor.


Note, at least during EA when they first opened the North, they actually were extremely clear that you should not head there until you were at least level 30-40, so you’re evaluation is spot on :wink:


Regarding the weather fix you mentioned, is that in regards to Sandstorm?

I only ask because I’m playing single player and Sandstorm is the only weather effect I have noticed. I have seen Fog, but that is all.


I noticed the weather doesn’t happen in the Oasis area. The highlands, frozen north, and jungle have weather. The sandy parts do not seem to get rain anymore. There was a time during EA where I saw rain the Oasis, but never again.

Notice: complaining really didn’t fix the weather, I just had to go to the jungle at the good time.


Cheers for that, maybe my graphics settings are too low to display the particle effects in the other areas. I do hear sounds on the tundra, near the burial mounds, west of the undead city area, but haven’t seen noticable particle effects. I might go through some settings and see what’s what :slight_smile:


Isnt it time for the mother of all hotfixes to land? … dont half break the game and go off on vacation …lol


Dont know about that i run there with stone daggers and set up geting thick hide at lv10 is easy to just kill baby rhino’s or kill the elkking


While they’re off relaxing, this game is rotting