PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

This is what happens when devs do not play their own game.


I have the feeling after a week or two Funcom will start working on the remaining bugs, after all they need a little breather while having fun vacation. Until then we must have a little more faith on them, otherwise is sad to let it end like this.

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Did not intend to go back to Testlive again after launch, but at this point I’m willing to put all of my (game) time into Testlive to try and help find bugs for the devs to fix. I really think we need a lot of small patches and no more of this massive stuff. This isn’t an MMO (servers aren’t big enough) and multiple fixes can unfix or break something else. At least with small patches, the damage done is mitigated and it narrows down the source problem for each new thing that breaks.


I’m curious if anyone else is having this strange issue lately?

Whenever I stop moving I will start sliding slightly in a direction for a couple seconds after not pressing any directional key.

It is the most noticeable in the volcano or Well of Skelos.
I’ve never noticed this before this patch.

Re: The Thralls & NPC’s Not Attacking Players

I have had some reports from the players on my server that Thralls & NPC’s HAVE been attacking as expected, but only when there are 1-4 players online, then they stop again once more players join the server. Can anyone else confirm this?

FYI: Private Server Crashing

This did get better last week, but the random crashes have started again. Game.db file is at 145mb, server runs at 9GB RAM most of the time but will then start running away and often crashes above 13GB.

I have also noticed that I am no longer getting LOG files saved.

This is exactly the same on my server. It is like, when the serverpeformace is going down, it will shut off the AI, so it can stay “good”.

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I started on a testlive server again today. There was no one else on and I can confirm that none of the npc’s ignored me. They were aggroing from the same distance as before, and the male elks have now become aggressive (like pre combat patch). One of the areas where thralls would aggro you in Sepermeru, they no longer do, but the taskmaster and slaves still chase you out of the slaver area…

The oil for insulated wood is horrible. I can grind out bricks for stone brick with ease, but the wait for fish is grueling. Then, when you do grab the fish, a lot of times it doesn’t register some of them and you end up shorted a LOT of fish that are just lost to the void (I reported this during the 12 hour test period as well).


Funny you should say this, I’ve had a few instances where I have dropped a stack of loot, random items. When I’ve then picked them back up from the floor the stack would halve or worse. Doesn’t happen every time, again, just randomly.

I just encountered your number 3 in the list last night. I was like wth!! And it was on top of a pillar too.

This happens to me as well, but at other areas - did not check in the volcano nor the well yet.

My fallback position is sickle and seeds. Often your fish reserves are stolen, destroyed, so I am content to use seeds in the press as well as any fish I can scrounge. 9 Fish traps can fill two presses and fuel two Wheels of Pain, at this state of the game. Online I’ll only build traps inside a building, and irrespective of foundation I’ve never had a problem with them filling or being reliable.

Bug Report, Mostly Cosmetic mostly
Official Server/Private Server/SP

Summary: Wheel of Pain (4-seater) allows players to build stations “in the air” at the turnstyle level

Steps to reproduce

  1. Build WoP (4-seater)
  2. Place Furnace on Wheel, it will place at the “handle” region where the animated thralls push
  3. Repeat with Cauldron, and any other small placeable
  4. Items will remain after server restart, and are fully functional

I think from a PVP perspective it’s actually critical to maintain the ability to build on Wheels. I build on my 8-seater all the time. This bug, for the 4-seater, makes the stations float, which has all sorts of other ramifications. Somehow having them float looks a little more realistic, like the turning thralls might duck under, but I dunno…

Where is star metal ores???no 1 meteor wtf??where they fix this???

FUNCOM, please fix the FPS sometimes i’m fighting against someone and i lock my target to him and my fps drop to 5-10 is ridiculous… please this is a real problem and is not only happening to me !

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invisible soundless sand storm is still a thing…great job fruncom.

I still do not understand what is with the stellar ore.

  1. Does it work incorrectly or is it an innovation?
    I have not met her in the game since MOVA.
  2. Does it fall across the whole map now or in the same places as before?
  3. Does it fall in the shell or not?
  4. Does she have smoke, as before?
  5. How much time does it lie after falling to extinction?
    Thanks, BR.

1 this is a bug
2 same as before, in the north west area of the frozen north
3 only the blue starmetal itself, no shell at all
4 no shell = no smoke
5 pretty fast, don’t know the exact number though, i’d say sthing around 1 min

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Items, buildings and gear still go missing for some people.
Star metal is still not working as intended.

I have barely touched the game since the Mother of all Patches, and i doubt i’m alone at that.

I want to see a proper hotfix and big changes before i come back and buy your upcoming DLC.


Can some1 tell me: when bag with star metall ores will fix??