[PC] invite friends to my game on my PC from friendslist will not work

inviting friends from my Steamlist will not work

error: is not on a game server.

This has worked during the early access
This feature was and is listed. It was although a reason to buy this game.

kind regards

I have the same problem and just want to know:
Have you installed Battleye?
Me and a friend don’t and we’re wondering if it has something to do with it.

Looking forward to the answer

I’ll tried with Battleeye too, but it although not worked.


Hello again,

I and a friend have found a solution to this problem.
First of all, we don’t have battleye neither.

  1. Someone has to enter a singleplayer world
  2. The other one can then join the game through the friends option in the steamlist

If it wasn’t clear enough or it’s not working, you are free to reply.

Bye and have fun playing

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