[PC] Keybindings not saving

Game mode: Private dedicated server
Version: #95365/17742
Problem: Bug | Misc

I have a problem with keybindings not saving. It is always the same key: \ | key code 220 ASCII key code 92. I have set it to wield / unwield but every time I start the game it is reset.

And the keybindings for craft, craft all, craft 10 and clear queue is messed up. I cant find an option to change them in the keybinding options. I had to go into Conan folder/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor then find Input.ini to change them. Would it be possible to add it to the keybindings options?

Repro steps:

  1. start game, set keybinding for wield / unwield
  2. exit game
  3. start game to find it not bound

Thanks for this post. There were buttons I wanted to rebind but it’s no possible in-game. I didn’t think to modify the ini directly.

I like to use tab to open/close the inventory. But in Conan, when I tab to open the inventory, tab switches between menus instead of closing it. I was able to fix this with the Input.ini file.

For some strange reason they have Drop Item and Loot All as the ‘same’ button when you have a container opened. This frequently caused me to drop the first item in my inventory instead of looting the container. I tried to fix this but both are bound to “InventoryShortcut0”… It’s absurd.