[PC] Looking for a semi casual good times, pvp-lite, server

I’m a father nearing 40, looking for my first server. I’ve played single player for awhile now, created a few mods, and I’m looking for a place to hang out and “Conan” with like minded individuals. I’m open to RP and PvP lite. I don’t really want to “try-hard” or get dominated by an alpha clan, but I’d like to fool around with pvp when the moods strikes. I’m definitely not looking for regular wipes.

I’m pretty laid back. I like chatting and drinking and good natured ribbing. I’m an ex-game dev if you like hearing stories about the industry, i’m good for that at least. Anyways, reach out if you think i’d be a good fit for your server.

Oh, I forgot a few things. I’m not really interested in Official servers. I’m getting into modding more and more and I’d like to potentially develop for whatever server I end up on. That’s not going to happen on official for obvious reasons. Also, I’m looking for somewhat established servers, or at the least a newer server with a decent pop of somewhat regular peeps.