[PC] Looking for teamates to join me [PVP][+18][UK/EU]

Currently solo on eu pvp but i can only get so far before i get overrun as a solo.

Im looking for active team players who are fairly easy going to hopefully come to my server and join me.

Any other questions feel free to ask.


Still on the lookout

Hey m8, you got discord?

Add me Acolyte of Dankness#1303

Added you on Discord

I am US and i am 16 is it still ok if i join if so add me my discord is Bobby#3941

Oh Danny Boy!#1473 - fairly new player to game but quick leaner!

Hi i will join you my discord is Gulonzo#8544 also my steam name is Gulonzo if you would prefer to add me on that.

hey you guys,
Just wanted to offer you all a nice spot on a fairly friendly pvp server with events ect
Maybe check us out?