[PC] [NA] [PvE] NEW small server looking for 7 spots to fill! 3x xp 2x gathering


“The Illyrians” BRAND NEW server is currently recruiting a small group of dedicated players/builders. We are 3 players in a clan, adults (25-35), and friendly! We welcome you to come join us. If you’re looking for a fresh start with no established players (yet), our server is for you

Our current playtimes are evenings/nights EST, with occasional players present during the day.

Direct connect:

We also have a Discord that we would be happy to share with you once you are on the server!


Hi my friend and I might be interested! We are thirty somethings looking to build and casually run dungeons/adventure.

Any mods in play? Not necessary just asking.


We would love to welcome you to server! You sound like a great fit.

To answer your question, there are no mods in play at the moment!