[PC] NPC Respawn, Sandstorm

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Server
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: -

I noticed, when i knock out a thrall and put it into the wheel of pain it doesnt respawn even after hours. This does not apply to all thralls, but i observed it two times for the Set Prist in Serpermeru and once for the carpenter nearby. In case of the carpeneter, i but him out of the wheel before finishing break in order to break the Set Archprist. Since then, he never respawned. The Set Prist respawned after getting killed or server restarted, but when i put him to the wheel, he didnt.

Sandstorm, like before, does damage to me and other players, but we instantly getting healed after every “hit”.

The Sandstorm finally makes damage and there is a passive perk that gives you regeneration, also if there are dancers nearby you will heal up very fast.

I do know of the perk but the passiv regeneration was never as strong as the damage taken during sandstorm. So if this is the reason, the perk is mutch more effectiv during sandstorm than under normal condition. I had no dancer nearby when this happened.

I just noticed that an other thrall (t4 carpenter from the pirat ship) doesn’t respawn after capturing it a hour ago.

Fierce Vitality heals 1HP/s.
Dancers heal 0.25 HP/s with 10 stacks of Entertained. But there is a bug where the passive regen from dancers can stack to insane amounts (I’ve had over 75 HP/s.) The passive regen from this bug lasts until you die or relog, you don’t need to stay near the dancers.

Perhaps the dancer bug is allowing you to survive.