Thralls not Respawning when placed on wheel

Here is the problem. You knock out a thrall (not a named one as that crashes the server) and you put them on the wheel. Until the server is restarted that thrall will no longer spawn. Example one of many tests at different locations. The dancer in the summoning place by the cookbook. If you place that dancer on the wheel. No more dancer will spawn there. If you take the armor and put on the wheel… no more armorer will respawn, Same with Black Galleon, if you knock out the dancer there and put on wheel, then there will not be another dancer spawning there till server restart.

the thralls need immediate attention with this bug and the named thrall bug crash


Can confirm this is happening on testlive servers also.

Thank you Momo for posting the bug… I was coming on here to do the same, you are way quicker than I. You are my hero.

Same, this doesn’t seem to be affecting only officials, it affects mods and even the solo player field as well… which, once it happens on the solo player, you’re screwed