PC Offical Server PVE #1011, lost half my base to a update?

so i was bussy building a new base up north… when all my resources where depleted i went back to my home base to replenish my recourses… but on return (2 real days later) i found out that half my base is missing… and i don’t mean wall or somthing, no. chest, all my workstations and decor items… in those chest where more than 30 thralls all of them T3 or Higher… most of the workstations had T4 in them or T3… thats weeks of farming thralls… i don’t mind the recources spend to build new workstations but the thralls is what made me diside to quit the game… so sad… until a hour a go i had realy fun playng this game but this realy grinds my gear.

but i do like tho know how this happend and why only my base and not those of my clan mates?

Hi Lagertha, the same happened to me on server #1517. On Thursday I visited our northern base, everything was fine, even took a repair hammer with me, its tier 2 insulated wood. Everything was fine, did some collecting and then used map room to return to desert base.

On Sunday I returned to find 4 reinforced doors gone and no chests of crafting stations left! Every one of them had a named thrall, so we lost everything but the building and the map room above!

Have requested support yesterday so hopefully we will get a response soon, hope they help you out Lagertha.

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