PC Official server #1300 PVE - server ping 900+

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type:PvE
Region: EU

Server starts to freeze at 20:00-21:00 GMT+3 (it has 900+ ping right now when I’m writing that post). Players don’t get disconnected but all we can do is chatting, we can’t fight or build, chat is working fine. Players can also join via direct connection. This happens right at the Purge prime time so it causes harsh troubles. It has been happening for 3-4 days. Please check the server machine


The server is down again right now, can’t even see it in the list

During active purges, it is absolutely impossible to play, while activity has to wait for several days. I play on a PVE server and this is the main content. I go to the server, spend 4 hours in wild freezes, lags and crashes, and as a result, the purge does not start, and even if it does, I will simply die and lose the base in the lags. Plus, spawns begin to shift and bosses fall into the ground after 2 hours after restart, as well as named slaves, for example, Beastmaster Teimos, boss Red dragon in U.C. I must manage to catch the slaves I need in the first minutes, and then wait for the next restart. 1300 PVE thanks for the content (no)

oh yes, I logged in for purge and server is down! NICE!

Server down again, 15:30 +3 GMT. 8 minutes later the server vanished from the list.

Yesterday the server restarted, too. One of the players logged in dead on the bed and lost all his inventory coz the corpse was not pinned on the map

UPD: 15:50 up, took 20 min to restart

16:43 GMT+3 02.01 heavy lag again, we can only chat, everything is freezed

UPD: server is down, second time per day lol

UPD2: 18^35 GMT+3, heavy lags again

This is number one bull. I pay for this game for the love of Mitra…

same situations here, yesterday server was unplayable at times.
Image freezes, 30 seconds delay in actions, impossible to build or whatever.
Only chat seemed to work.
Please fix, mark

Played briefly this morning, a lot of issues with myself and thralls falling through floors/obstacles, short freezes and time delays.
Hard to play properly since christmas last year…
Also is it so hard to fix that “must be place on walkable floor” situations?
98 out of 100 times it says that when it’s clearly a placable spot

15:07 +3 GMT heavy lags again, can’t move or build, chat only. Every time this happens someone who has died during lags losts all his loot

UPD: 15:22 ping ok

UPD: 17:11 lags again. I understand that the staff may be on holidays, but… C’mon, it lasts MORE THAN A WEEK every single day!

UPD: 19:10 lags. As you see, server has troubles every 2 hours

20:10 GMT+3 server is down, restarted just now

2021-01-06 09:37 Server is down again, it’s been down for atleast 30 minutes.

07-01 16:50 +3 GMT lags again. Yesterday maintenance didn’t help at all

Any responce? We’ve been reporting those issues for a week EVERY day with timing and description

17:55 +3 GMT lags

19:10 lags during purge time

2021-01-07 17:00 900 ping lag been going on for almost 15 minutes now

@Dana @Mayra can we get ane ETA of our server being fixed? It is unplayable at all. High ping and enormous lags every day at least once per day. Reported for 8 days long already, lasting 14+ days

Yes, please, @Ignasi or someone else, shall we just go on another server? We don’t get any response or maintenance. I understand that there are holidays, working from home and the new big update, but it’s been a long time we reported that issue


Apologies for the delayed response. We’ll poke G-Portal about this server.

Thank you all for bringing this matter to our attention.

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thank you, it’s going on again, extreme lag and no chance of doing anything but using the chat
up to a minute delay in actions like walking, looking inventory etc

Hopefully something usefull will come out of this. Literally unplayable several hours every day.

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