Official Server PVE-C #3041 unplayable

Since a week, this server is unplayable.
The lag is INSANE , it can take up to 55 seconds for an action to be completed (drinking, moving a thrall, building).
Fighting a purge is like watching a powerpoint from the 90s.
Following a friend is like trying to catch a teleporting ghost.
Even after 2, 3, 10 retries to log in, you cannot exit your base because you see no doors at all, and this can last like literally forever.

This is not a connection issue for me, as this is happening for every player on this server. And we have chars on others Official PVE-C servers which are fully steady and playable.

Server is rebooted at 5:10am but when we start to play at 7:00am lag is already here, for the whole day.

We did reports on Zendesk but nothing seems to be done, and we do not have any feedback at all.