PC official server question - building spam

Where can i report building spam / abuse towards myself? I have screenshots

The only place to make such reports is on Zendesk.


I said this in another thread… I think it applies here too so just linking…

Always zendesk. Make sure you have all those screenshots as well as a shot of the Player List screen.

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Not actually sure why you even responded here mate, sounds like your angry or something? I wanted to know how to report someone breaking rules and abusing me in-game? I didn’t realize you knew the whole story, enough of which to tell me about your two year adventure, i don’t care. And i don’t understand the lag reference nor the rubbish about spending my energy? Maybe contribute better or something.


Don’t worry about him (he’s just salty because he’s been banned before and wants to puff his chest out in a display of bravado). If you think there is a reasonable chance that someone (or some clan) is violating the game’s ToS, by all means report it to Zendesk (the link has been provided already). Once recieved, an admin WILL look into it and if it deserves to be, then it WILL be actioned.

Enjoy the game as best as you can until then and ignore the idiots, haters and game breakers. :slight_smile:

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Just FYI, no I’ve never been banned - from any game ever. :wink:

Show us your screenshots just for curiosity, maybe we can have some orientation on how to deal with the situation, because zendesk take a time to respond. Maybe we could help in meanwhile.