Sandstone & pillar environment spam with insulting sign posts

To all who dare care:

I am currently playing Server:8024 as P v E - conflict for PS4 on a PS5. It has been a couple of months of play for me & slowly I have watched two clans in particular, spam unnecessary blocks & pillars around the map.

One of these clans (….) has decided to humiliate other clans with sign posts beside the base of the clans they have defeated in skirmishes with writing meant to demean or shame. I’m not sure if this is in alignment with player rules but being forced to recognise this behaviour is creating a very anxious social community. As these signs can’t be removed other than by the clan who placed them, it becomes obvious that they are there to cause distress & suffering.

They also use as a tactic to gain control, random placement of buildings & objects which are blatantly restricting the space players have to grow their own bases. Another clan consisting of a single player (….), has also resorted to this method. So, now, what we see are random tier one orange blocks or pillars etc spread about in places across the entire map, where the flow of game play is disrupted & affected for all!

Can we have somebody investigate this & finally resolve the complaints of unheard voices of so many players who would otherwise build responsibly & creatively?

My own main base has been complicated with this type of behaviour with blocks choking out my ability to correctly fulfil the architectural designs. I have worked around this but many new players who are just starting to get to grips with building mechanics loose heart when faced with these selfish & bullying manoeuvres. Of course, these game tactics would be fine on a PvP server as we could simply, blow them to high heaven, but not having that ability means we have to wait until the players involved leave, & then how ever long it takes for the buildings they own to decay. How long a period is that exactly though? 6 months, a year?

Please quell the unheard upset voices on this server. Order & Peace, after all, is well worth fighting for!

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You have a solution, since they use toxicity other than spam land claim, you can easily take photos and report them on Zendesk. It is a mechanism that Funcom has a few months now and it is working. Take as much as photos you can take, holding a repair hammer to ensure the ownership and report them. It will work for both of your issues.
Please proceed to erase the names of their clans from this post. Here it is forbidden to use such details. Someone will have to flag your post because it is against the rules. I really hope these toxic players get a lesson, I really understand your frustration and you have my total support.
Good luck.


As stelagel said, use Zendesk to report them, here is the link. Use the dropdown menu and select “Report a Player (harassment, claim spam, exploit, etc.)” Make sure you include lots of pictures and details.