Pc player looking for a dodge mod

I’m looking for a mod to add to my server that will adjust I-frames on the dodge… could be mods out just the base game but myself and other platters have noticed you can dodge not get hit but still “get hit” after the dodge or mid dodge.

There is a mod that reverts back to the old dodge, might be what you are looking for.

thanks i’ll look into it. unfortunately i think from talking to a few people it may be a server issue :frowning: probably from to many mods…

When dodging players are given immunity to attacks during certain parts of the dodge but it needs to be timed right to get it but if it’s not right you will miss the window on immunity to damage however ever this does not include gas, bleed, fire, exsplosives etc

Yeah I’m mainly seeing the issues of meeting hit while in the middle of a dodge or even after the dodge has finished well after the attack animation has shown in a different location which I see some sort of desync or something which I figured those I framed might be broken so was looking to m fit a mod to alleviate it

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