(PC) Relic Hunters hostile after engaging wildlife/other hostiles

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Live
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: Does not cause crash

Relic Hunters (from the neutral city) become hostile if they are attacked by anything, including wildlife. This seems unintended.

Repro steps (choose your path):

Path A:

  1. Run into Relic Hunter city with scorpion.
  2. Scorpion attacks Relic Hunters.
  3. Relic Hunters kill scorpion
  4. Relic Hunters attack player.

Path B:

  1. Scorpion/other wildlife wanders into Relic Hunter city.
  2. Scorpion attacks Relic Hunters.
  3. Relic Hunters kill scorpion.
  4. Relic Hunters attack player.

Path C:

  1. Spawn Relic Hunter NPC.
  2. Spawn Scorpion.
  3. Scorpion attacks Relic Hunter.
  4. Relic Hunter kills Scorpion.
  5. Relic Hunter attacks player.

It’s not just them. I’ve had passive wildlife attack me after being damage by NPCs. Such as shalebacks that wandered too close to an Exile camp. They killed the NPCs and then came after me. (It was green shalebacks, no aggressive red ones.)

Also, thralls will attack nearby passive creatures after they finish a fight with hostiles. Perhaps these issues are related.

Probably related. Seems like the “hostile” flag has trouble toggling off, then.

Not sure about the wildlife issue but I just found the Relic hunter city today for the first time. I had no wildlife following me and was in the tavern talking too Conan when a random tanner started attacking me. 3 others joined in and killed me.

When I went back, I was able to walk into the city, past many people but every now and again one or two random people would turn and start attacking me. Everyone else would ignore me.

It’s not even a race thing. Stygian tanner and fighters initially. Yet the guards at the entrance are also Stygian and they let me walk right past.

Only 2 groups are not set to passive in this city; 1. the group with a dancer/bearer/tanner
2. the group around the taskmaster/exiles at the edge of the
city where there is a greater wheel of pain

Once you know that, just be prepared, everyone else should not attack you unless YOU start the agression or if they have been aggro (by some wildlife for ex) and you are standing in their aggro range. So just move away from the aggro range before the fight against wildlife ends or simply kill everything while they are still being busy.