[PC][RP] Clan Recruitment - Al'Zalam

Clan Name: Al’Zalam (means “The Darkness” in Arabic)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Server Name: Atlantean Legacy ERP 18+

Belief System: Al’Zalam is a self made group of broken exiles. Thought to be exiles even among the exiled. They are brought up from nothing and made into something, using their past shadows to fuel their drive.

Goal: They were once an ordinary group of shadowy figures, but have now risen up to help shape this land using the shadow techniques they have learned.

Description: Al’Zalam is a clan of chaotic-good Assassins/Thieves. They remained hidden within a ice cave to the north for years. Recently emerging to make a positive impact on the exiled lands. They are constructing a castle that will hold a library of records. It will hold the knowledge of notable people that pass through the exiled lands.

I’m looking for new or experienced players. As long as you have an affinity to roleplay and this story seems interesting to you. We will role play you into the clan to join. Please DM me to discuss or discord me (Houston#5272)