[PC] Savage Kingdoms 6xH 10xXP No Gods, No Wipes

Savage Kingdoms is a relaxed pvp server with settings perfect for the casual and the hardcore. The server is on a dedicated box, that’s right, it’s own server box just for our server. That means better server performance for all.


-Key Features-

6x Harvesting (Yeah, get that wood)

10x XP (cuz who has time to grind 60 levels)

Active Admins (Ain’t no sleep for these people)

PvE and PvP Events (because raiding and dungeons aren’t enough)

No Gods (its being debated whether or not Gods even exist)

NOT RP (You won’t find that erotic RP stuff here unless you’re into that sort of thing)

Weekly T4 Thrall gifts to all that vote at topconanservers (because we all want flawless armor)

Admin Raid bases for the server to raid (these are tough…seriously)

Nighttime is 3x faster (we’re kind of afraid of the dark)

Faster Crafting (Noone in their right mind enjoys waiting overnight for 200 iron reinforcements)

-Other Server settings-

Max Clan Size is 8

Full Nudity (Let the dongs fly)

Thirst is turned way down

NPC damage is increased to 1.5

Friendly fire is turned down to 0.2 (So Dasbear doesn’t kill me anymore, he still tries)

No asians (Sorry China, Taiwan Numba One!)

-Server Rules-

If you are building south of the river only T1 bases are allowed. These bases are NOT TO BE RAIDED. If a T1 base owner decides they will participate in a raid, or trash talk an opposing player then this rule does not apply. These areas are under protection only for new players who want to learn before they step foot into the area north of the river. Any base south of the river that is not T1 may be deleted without warning or raided.

If you or your clan has a base north of the river, you CANNOT have a base south of the river. If you decide to break this rule your southern base may be deleted or raided WITHOUT WARNING.

Admin structures ARE NOT to be destroyed unless there is a sign saying it is a raid base.

No griefing! This includes: no raiding the SAME BASE within 24 hours. Which means, if a person or clan has multiple bases then those bases can be raided in the same 24 hours. If the person or clan that you raided raids you back within the same 24 hours then this rule does not apply and you may raid that clan or person again. If you continuously raid the same person over and over again then this can be considered griefing if this person did nothing to instigate it.

Exploiting/Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated. If caught you will be permanently banned WITHOUT WARNING.

No foundation/Building spam to land claim areas. These will be deleted WITHOUT WARNING.

This is a PVP server, YOU WILL GET RAIDED. Do NOT complain to admins unless a rule is being broken. If you have a screenshot or video evidence of something fishy then please post it in the suspicious activity text channel or request to speak to an admin.

No racism or extreme toxicity.

HAVE FUN and follow all of the rules to ensure a fun and fair experience for everyone!

Server population is rising, come claim your base spot today!

Thanks to all that have joined. The playerbase has grown!

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