Looking for a server that wipes occasionally, and has no bonuses(mods are OK)

Prefer no PvP or some sort of very limited PvP. I have no interest in mindlessly chasing or being chased by randoms on a horse. Although, I do like the idea of destroying bases that get way too big.

I would love to find a server that has the occasional reset, but also offers no bonuses. I’m fine with the pace of the game. I’ve tried servers with 3X+, and its just goes way, way too fast.


Hi @PizzaNuggs

What you described is exactly what this server is. It is RP (getting into your character) and crafting is slowed way down to make harvesting and building actually mean something. I always have and shall continue to keep the server very clean. Purges are turned off but are turned on by Admin events. Keeps things fun and eventful.

PvP is 100% Optional so you really have to Opt In to do PvP.

If you want to just have the freedom to play and ‘Live in this World’ then stop by and say hello. I usually give some house warming gifts to help get settled in (ie Bearer and a couple crafters) if the player decides to stay.

Good Luck on your Server Hunt!


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Bonuses… you mean kit starters?

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We have a 1 rate server, weekend raiding, and no map rooms; fresh start recently; check out the thread and stop by. Theres no “bonus’s” or events,

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