Looking for a server that wipes occasionally, and has no bonuses(mods are OK)

Prefer no PvP or some sort of very limited PvP. I have no interest in mindlessly chasing or being chased by randoms on a horse. Although, I do like the idea of destroying bases that get way too big.

I would love to find a server that has the occasional reset, but also offers no bonuses. I’m fine with the pace of the game. I’ve tried servers with 3X+, and its just goes way, way too fast.


Hi @PizzaNuggs

What you described is exactly what this server is. It is RP (getting into your character) and crafting is slowed way down to make harvesting and building actually mean something. I always have and shall continue to keep the server very clean. Purges are turned off but are turned on by Admin events. Keeps things fun and eventful.

PvP is 100% Optional so you really have to Opt In to do PvP.

If you want to just have the freedom to play and ‘Live in this World’ then stop by and say hello. I usually give some house warming gifts to help get settled in (ie Bearer and a couple crafters) if the player decides to stay.

Good Luck on your Server Hunt!


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Bonuses… you mean kit starters?

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We have a 1 rate server, weekend raiding, and no map rooms; fresh start recently; check out the thread and stop by. Theres no “bonus’s” or events,

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New Lordore RP PvP

If you aren’t happy with the drag of Officials, are looking to dive into something different with helpful rules and active friendly admins, this is the place for you. Once players who felt Officials were too harsh and intense but still loved PvP, we decided to create our own server that is fun and extensive.

We pride ourselves on our RP here. Whether you are a novice or an expert in RP, we welcome you. For beginners we have PvE immunity for 2 weeks should you wish, and a mentor to guide you with the happenings in the lands. We also have an RP moderator to help.

We have lots of unique content such as quests, occupations, magic, and events to keep the game interesting, particularly for those who fly through the original base game.

Please feel free to join our discord for more information including Kingdoms, Roleplay, and mod info. Speak with our friendly community and get stuck in.

(please be aware that we have a whitelisting system in place to protect our players. We have a zero-tolerance policy on toxic players)

  • Roleplay orientated mod list

  • Friendly, active mods and admin

  • PvP (2-week PvE immunity if you want it)

  • Level 100 cap with extra attributes as rewards

  • Quests with admin only content

  • Arena

  • Server/player story lines

  • 7 Kingdoms

  • Events

  • Rewards

  • Starter kits

  • Occupations with payments

  • Auctions

We have not long had a wipe. We dont make it a habit to wipe but we do clear up and have options for perma deaths etc