[PC] Server errors/Settings not working/Server not on list/No purge

Server Errors

I’m getting a ton of red text and errors and yellow warnings when I run my server;

0]items : error : data: [BP_interactable_clientside_352] missing lore item in table: 0
Spawn table errors. Get thrall teir. RaceTemplates.

There are so many and I’m unable to post a picture or link as a new user.
The server runs and seems to be fine but I can’t imagine that all this is working properly?

Settings not working

I’m also having issues with settings. I’ve set parameters for;


All of which seem to have no effect in game. Can anyone tell me if they’re proper syntax or have any suggestions?

Server Not on list

Also, my boyfriend can see the server on his server list from a separate household, but I cannot on LAN. Searching returns no results and having him invite me returns “Server not responding”
The only way I’ve been able to connect is to direct connect by entering my IP and port.

No Purge

I’ve been playing single player for about a week and over the weekend I set up a dedicated server. The purge was enabled on both and yet I’ve never had an attack. My purge bar would fill and drain at random but the attack never came. Am I missing something?