PC some bugs in latest updates

After hotfix here is some problems with weight estimating. For example It’s 90% weight indicating but overload status is on (and overload message too).

2 empty slots in manual manufacturing list. No icons, no required materials and active buttons “create”, “create 10” and “create 2147483647”

Building bug. Before 2 latest update i had base, everithing was OK. Now I can’t build in some parts of my base. In case I replace some elements it’s imposible to build them again in the same position (message “impossible place here”). The funnest problem: if put separate foundation in this area it disapper from my inventory but don’t appear in the world.

Not bug but strange interface design. In keybinding menu there is both PC and xbox keys and they are mixed in both columns.

I’m in official #102 server pve-fast. Character Alget. Ctrl+Shift+ L dont work, can’t send coordinate. Imposible to attache screenshots as noob here.

I too had the overload bug. I was wearing a carrier pack while it happened and put it off and on again. After this, it correctly showed me >100% weight. Maybe it’s an issue with stat bonus items giving encumbrance?

I think not. I have no carrier pack and even didn’t use any weight changing kits.

For me coordinate hotkey is Alt+Shift+L. I think it depend on Windows hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift in my sistem is already occupied)

So building bug coordinate is -221549.546875 -27417.330078 1490.902954

Another one bug - inactive werewolf: -126121.617188 36203.082031 -10320.151367

A few mobs are bugged, including the elephant field boss, into just standing there looking stupid.