(PC) Two gamebreaking bugs still in the game

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Game mode: Official Server PvP #1112
Problem: Bug

Two GAMEBREAKING bugs are still in the game, even after the offcial release. I must say I’m a little bit dissapointed. Even after 800+ hours played I still love this game but this makes competetive play on official servers impossible.

It was understandable before in Early Access, but now that the game is officially live there should be some kind of consequence to cheating. As long as these bugs work, ppl will use them.

1.People can still build inside some of the black towers at the border between the north and desert biome, beeing able to build unraidable bases, where the only way inside is with the bedroll trick or glitching through the wall.

Basically the same bug where people could build inside mountains.

The base in the screenshot belongs to the clan Bloodcraft and Bloodcraft+.

2.There is still possible to glitch through base walls. Stuff from our benches dissapeared and the walls/base were intact. We had fullclosed walls(no windows) and all of the benches were not clickable from the outside.

Repro steps:

  1. Put a bedroll inside the tower(on the bigger red circle in the screenshot you can place a foundation first then put the bedroll inside).
  2. Remove bracelet.
  3. Spawn inside the tower, loot your body.

Easy way to solve: Just make it impossible to build inside or near this black ruins/aqueducts.


Wall glitch is rampant on ps4. I just had my entire tier 2 base emptied with the entire base still intact. Now im in two minds, i enjoy the game
and want to play, but there is no point if people cheat to steal all of your stuff every day on every server, meanwhile, a year later the devs still dont know how to fix it.

yes, sadly glitching through walls still works, the only way you can counter this right now is making foundation walls and double doors.