PC Update (06.01.2021) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Do I detect a subtle note of sarcasm here?

Perhaps you are the only person on the server? did you check? Server load is related to number of simultaneous log ins.

tengo 1500 horas de juego,me gusta mucho ,PERO desde la ultima actualizacion han estropeado todo.
antes jugaba en 4k todo en ultra y desde la ultima actualizacion he bajado los graficos a 1080 todo en bajo y no puedo jugar va en tirones.Baja los fps a 5 ,7 .8
configuracion pc

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16GB 2x8GB CL16

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro 6GB GDDR6

WD Black NVMe SSD M.2 1000GB PCIe Gen3

es una lastima que pase eso ,despues que inviertes en juego tantos dinero y no poder jugar(en mi caso, tengo todo los dlc)
creo que voy a dejar de jugar

Yes, I did. The same little debug overlay that tells you the server FPS and the ping, also tells you how many players are logged in. It was the same as usual, between 7 and 13.

Then I think you are really lucky. Since after the patch performance is worse than before.

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I also thought that the performance was improved at first. Base was loading without issues, no floating around, gameplay was smooth…
Then we had a horrible evening trying to play without dying from teleporting monsters and cliff edges which were not where they were supposed to be.
People on my server blamed it on active purge. I couldn’t say if that’s true.

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My guess is that all officials , have been in maintenance on January 6 and therefore worked better since then , but the ping spikes issues encountered , have slowly countered the effect of the maintenance and has resulted to bad experiences…

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Maybe he finds himself between someone elses wall and furnace :)))

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can help me? the game crash when started. need solution

check your mods

Please Dear Funcom, think of some Skill point refunds for the Players.

Because of your changes the Grit - Barbaric Tenacity is useless. it is not working. When i depleted all my Stamina, i do not see this 10% extra Gain Tick with this Skill… only a Bar that refills with 1 points to max

This Skill is useless, in how this is now

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PS4 player here to offer some honest feedback. Between Xbox’s bugs and PC hotmess of changes I’m actually relieved we haven’t received any updates in months.

Many of the reworks and overhauls introduced with Siptah sound like they have been quite negatively received. And with more content and so called ‘reworks’ came more bugs.

Fixing the Bugs is the first priority. Everybody hates them. So crush those first please.

Second when trying to balance you should probably try to give more options to player rather than punishing the few valid ones.

For example the only shield rework needed was the one that actually make enemies react to a blocked attack as it is sometimes impossible to conterattack without getting punished in turn. But if you really wanted to go in on it you should have added stamina cost reductions to stronger shields and some shield themed grit buffs to boot. Enemies should also give stamina back to the wielder when struck and take more damage when they are in the rebound state. Rewarding players for good play instead of just making their preferred style less viable.

In short if you’re going to make popular mechanics harder you have to add a way for players to be rewarded for good play.

But yeah fix the bugs first.

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But fixing bugs burns only Money, new content make money…

Okay okay, sorry. But i needed to write this down. forgive me


Awesome stuff guys, keep it up!

It’s been some time now since the 2.2 update, and daily we are struggling with ping issues on our private server. Just thought I’d pile on some more about this. Ping spikes are cause for accidental death on too many occasions. On Siptah, you lose sigils you’ve consumed when you die, which then in turn is robbing us of significant time spent to get those. I would hope this issue is on high priority for hotfix. I know Ignasis has acknowledged performance is being looked into, but at this point, enough time has passed since 2.2 that a hotfix should’ve been out by now, IMO.

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I have yet to find any of these settings for my solo game or for my dedicated server. Has anyone located them? Do that have to be added by the user? I have reinstalled my dedicated server and that didn’t make them appear. Just wondering if anyone can point me to them.

desde dia 6 despues de actualizacion mi juego no funciona,juego en solitario y cuando llego al niv.30 ya empieza bajada de FPS a 3 4 ,imposible de jugar y tambien la carga se queda en 0 teniendo 20000 o 30000 de lo que sea ensima.esto pasa en exile como en isla de siptah.
he desinstalado el juego he quitado todos los archivos de conan y los mods,lo he instalado de nuevo y sigue igual.
antes jugaba en 4k ultra ahora no puedo jugar ni en 1080 bajo
si alguien tiene algun solucion por favor que me diga algo