PC Update (06.01.2021) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

The invis one does affect me but they’re rare as. I find they only are a thing if I log into the game and a sandstorm is in progress. They also have the icon saying a sandstorm is occurring. They hurt me like normal sandstorms.

The fake one is the buggy one which doesn’t hurt but just seems to be a graphical anomaly. It also happens without fail every time I log into a server approximately five mins after

Hello! Love the new update of the combat system and all the other goodies in between, my personal space now feels way more secure. A bit too secure, so secure that no Npc on our server is attacking any players anymore? I’m unsure if this is a big problem occuring for alot of people or just me? I’ve googled and noone else seem to have had it happen except for one guy i spoke to on steams workshop that has the same problem.

Any take on this?

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Seb the Arena building Barbarian

Still can’t play due to the client DDoS’ing the local network when we try to join a server. This has been an issue with FLS for a long time now.

Oddly it seemed almost completely resolved in Testlive, but now is worse than it was before the patch.

As someone who hosts several game servers on our local network, this issue is one of the most offensive things I have ever run into. In 40 years of coding, designing, coding, testing, and hosting, I have never before seen a company completely ignore serious issues like this unless they were based in China.

I want to offer up Conan servers for people to play on, but since this bug was introduced our population has dropped to almost nothing. I am unable to even properly admin our own servers because if I attempt to log into one, it will disconnect everyone on them, and from all of our other game servers.

What exactly does it take to make Funcom take an issue like this seriously? Many people are completely unable to utilize the multiplayer aspect of this game as a result of this issue. The thread on it has been active since September, and it’s been a reported issue since June.

When I brought it up in the testlive thread, what I assume to be a developer responded, and appeared to be completely ignorant of the issue.

And not surprisingly, they didn’t return to give any further information. It was just ignored once more.

I mean, this is Funcom’s land. I’m sure my post will get edited or removed if they take enough offense, so you have to be careful what you say. But seriously, someone needs to get off their ■■■■■ and start doing something about this. I know it’s not easy developing software, and I know what it’s like to run into issues. However to prioritize adding content, or completely overhauling existing systems over fixing game-breaking bugs is just abhorrent.
It was even mentioned that BattleEye had discovered a possible cause for the issue back in October, and then was supposedly going to be added to a testlive build.
Yet we have seen little change.

It’s a bit telling when the forum is designed to auto-close any thread that isn’t responded to within a weeks time, and the thread on this issue has been open since September.

Games still dead y’all can’t figure out squat … pvp over haul please very simple things needed and you guys try to hard for no reason it’s a joke at this point

Game will be dead until you realize no ones paying for this game… and thralls horses and sabres run pvp still you guys still can’t figure out anything with undermeshing it’s been 2 years Hoe hard can it really be… just wipe all the servers and do what you have to do

Black ice broad sword was bug in damage that never got fixed thus I assume they fix that bug and put in on its original stats but only @Ignasis can say 100% or not but sorrow I’m not sure about tjat

" * Fixed an issue that prevented Vault chests to refill their contents if they had been opened previously."

I opened a vault chest today that had nothing inside.

Hey, the latest update breaks animal behavior (animals don’t attack) when using mods that modify the weapon table. Could Funcom please fix the animal behavior logic in the base game? Thank you.

There is a thread about it already. Funcom is working on a fix, mean time there is a temporary workaround for modders to use until then.

Awesome. Any attempt at fixing xbox? No? Didnt think so. You can pull this now you read it. Cant get any answers on xbox forums, cause your too busy here, wow look at all the updates for pc and all we get is empty promises. Thank you Funcom and Tencent for showing xbox players where they stand. Have a nice day.

Sounds like xbox, which has not been fixed since Isle dropped on pc, how many months ago? Good luck getting that fixed, lol, you’ll probably get an armor or weapon dlc first. Hardly anyone playing on xbox and their more worried about shields and stamina? Way to be on top of things. Smh.

Making simple Rocknoses the new mini world bosses.

They spam their attack that knock you down, have to constantly dodge and run out of reach with the stamina nerf, and even then, they have such a range for that attack, they just constantly knock you down leaving you very few occasion to hit them. It’s REALLY frustrating, not hard, just frustrating, not fun.

I’ve got 1300 ish armor and 500ish hp so I can tank and keep my face down in the mud until my thrall kill them, nothing hard about that “fix” but it’s really too much frustration. And what about the players just starting ? Should they avoid the rocknoses in mid level zones or treat them like world bosses ?


Something is not right with the Aggro range of Thralls… Before the Patch they where set to attack all enemies at 50m.

Now, they run over my entire island to hunt the enemy down. and they surpass this 50m easy

Did someone quadrupled the Aggro Range for all of them? That could explain the “Path-finding AI Increase stress” on the Server CPU… Let someone look at this, perhaps this is the “Micro Lags” that get stronger with time… also Memory leak

errr I mean yeah that could be it

when starting game i get the infamous fail error page…line 3400 not finding superstruct attack rating rate…
plz enlighten me…I really dont want to lose all ive done like I have had to in the past…hundreds of hours builing a world only to be wiped every time there is a new update…no for warning so no backup was made previous to the update… any ideas or help is very much appreciated

Уважаемый @Ignasis, скажите пожалуйста сколько еще ждать фикс-обновления 2.2? Я купил игру, пришло обновление, после которого стало НЕВОЗМОЖНО играть от слова совсем. Жуткие лаги даже на только созданной карте. Я конечно все понимаю, но неужели вы по сей момент не нашли проблему и не можете пофиксить её? И причем даже не говорят о сроках, сколько ждать. Ну так не делается, как минимум не правильно это…

They ship with TWO X 330WATT PSU’s which are both used at the same time !!! What’s underpowered about that for a laptop?

I hate the new shield / stamina stuff. Now if you loose all stamina blocking attacks while solo fighting a boss, you are completely screwed. No way to run away!

Also it appears that Wak’s ‘steal nerfs’ are all present and accounted for. :slight_smile:

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Do I detect a subtle note of sarcasm here?

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Perhaps you are the only person on the server? did you check? Server load is related to number of simultaneous log ins.