PC Update (16.06.2020) - Update 41: Followers re-balancing, Avatar fixes and more!

We’re aware of crashes on Windows 7 and they’re being looked into and fixes being prepared for an upcoming hotfix release. (poking @Shadoza since they reported this issue during Testlive)

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thx you ignasis, but will it be fast ? because if not able to log with decay system…

lot of people under windows 7, its a major issue.

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Are you about to be the new Bethesda? Why dont you just Rollback the patch untill you fix it? This is just frustrating people for not being able to login to the game…

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I have the same issue. Memory address is changing on every attempt.

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dont search, all windows 7 users.

We’re gathering feedback about the two issues at hand. Please send us any related feedback on those threads so we can relay them to our team more efficiently:

Bonjour, je ne sais pas ci beaucoup on le même soucis que moi, mais quand la maj a était faite, j’ai tenté de me reconnecter a mon serveur… Qui a malheureusement wype, et je ne comprend absolument pas la raison, est ce que ce bug sera corriger grâce au nouveau patch ou est ce que moi et mes joueurs avons réellement perdu tous ce qui ce trouver sur mon serveur ??? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

Is the glitch where thralls where pushed into the ground by the Red Mother now also fixed?


I thought the patch was done… why did Steam let me update, if its not done yet?
All servers gone?
Still updating their own servers before releasing it to Steam?
Why didn’t they do it in like, waves… take down a small group of 10 - 20 servers, update them… bring them backup, and then do the next group, etc…
So, like people can have at least SOMEthing to play on while waiting for their prefered Server?

People, please, we don’t know how everything works so don’t judge. Calm down and do something else while they fixing.

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Is this real life? Playing conan as an RPG where your character kills things? Oh god, i’m shaking

Looking forward to how this patch gonna work out <3

‘‘No reason to nerf thralls’’

If you don’t give a single shiet about how bad PVE gameplay was, sure.

This patch might singlehandedly make PVE enjoyable back again, and you think they did it to ‘‘anger people’’.

Well, i’m not angry, its actually the opposite. Very, very excited. Have stopped playing because of your godamn OP thralls, and bosses made for thralls. Now they are gone!

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Sorry, this is a machine translation.
After updating, server launcher does not work properly.
can launch the server launcher.
But if click start server, server program stops with an error.

Stpo program : ConanSandboxServer-Win64-Test.exe
Event name : APPCRASH
Exception code : c0000005

Please help me.

I play on a private server. I can connect via direct connect after patch only. Everything I have is updated and verified. Since patch game locks up after approximately 20secs of gameplay. Checked, verified, rebotted etc same issue.

I don´t get it why ppl get angry cause of this patch o.O And I am not talking about the login probs.
Funcom announced all of this weeks ago.
I will give it a try. Even though I am not a good fighter :smiley: maybe I will die some times, but hey that´s the game, no one said it would be easy. I am happy that the health bar is back. Good work guys. thumbs up

Singleplayer and official Servers did work, problem is that ALL private Servers (my own too) are not listet anymore and direct IP did not work.

Acid arrows should’ve been designed like snake arrows. Not an AoE cloud.

Official Servers?
I’m not even getting those on my list… its ALL, servers, for me…
They’re ALL, gone.
Oh well… I’m just gonna go play something else and be patient, let FunCom figure out whats wrong and hopefully get a hotfix out to fix it.

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One day you will be forced to update. Especially when new standards like TLS 1.4 will arrive and major browser developers stop supporting Windows 7.

So buy your copy of Windows 10 and trash that cracked Windows 7.

I am baffled why you would choose the middle of the day to roll out an update that will cause servers to go offline, I mean… the middle of the day?