PC Update 2.3 (16.03.2021) - Isle of Siptah revamp, Offline mode, sprint attacks and more!

Super sad to lose the mats for a t4 surge only getting to the start of wave 2 :confused:

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And what do you think the console community are fortune-tellers? if there was good communication from Funcom we would not have to write in pc threads …

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please fix the anticheat it doesnt work…

Lol I :two_hearts: the hot fix sign please tell me we get that for placeables :pray:… chances are no so :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s the bug that makes some mobs fall through the terrain and then subsequently teleport to the map origin coordinate.

From what I’ve seen so far, Funcom has been having difficulties pinpointing the root cause of the bug, so they added special debugging logic to the game to gather more useful information. Although DvntTears knows this, he might not understand that getting enough useful information on a heisenbug like this one usually takes an unfortunate amount of time.

Can I do Eldarium-Reinforced Chests on Exiled Lands?

NOP, you cant.

No. You didn’t fix this. The problem is actually even worse for me now.

My thrall is on the east side of New Azgarth, near Lians watch, stuck, and is not teleporting even though I’m now west of New Azgarth near skyholme ruins. Whatever you changed made things worse.

Oh but hey at least pigs and goats don’t give too much exp now…

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Got to love how misleading the Tweet was, it says this “hotfix” (nothing hot if it comes 2 weeks after the patch) addresses a number of remaining issues, such as Thrall AI unresponsiveness

Thralls still wont do full combos, they still stand still looking instead of fighting or moving to a destination as commanded, enemies still switch targets for no reason… Sigh, basically nothing

EDIT: forgot to mention the great responsiveness from my thrall when I equipped him with a truncheon, 1 hit, stand still, 1 hit goof around, 1 hit you know the rest LMAO

Good thing they said 2.4 was coming to test live this week too :smiley:

Hmm, no they didn’t. Second time I’ve heard this, but there is absolutely no ETA for 2.4 at this time.


Double tap E to order your thrall to stop. After you see the “order to stop” message your thrall will teleport to you.
How about we learn to use thralls properly before saying it’s worse.

I am aware of how to “force” thralls to teleport, however it did not work in previously mentioned situation.

I wouldn’t be here saying it was worse, if it wasnt in fact worse.

And even at that, how is the problem of thralls not teleporting properly considered as “fixed” if I would still need to use the force teleport trick?

I don’t believe this. I played 2.3 from the start and it always worked regardless of where my thrall is. You either don’t know what double tap is or you;re not even trying.
Double tap is an AI reset for your thrall and the first thing after that is checking for player proximity and teleport.
This workaround with double tap E doesn’t work if you’re close to your thrall or if you don’t get the message “order to stop” on your screen.

Neither does Funcom … It is easier for them to wait till someone finds a workaround than it is to actually fix it

And most likely they won’t

Greetings everyone,

We might have a potential workaround for the remaining DaYi type keyboard issue.

It is caused by the overlay window with autocomplete options/ character options, that force minimize game. It happens only in Fullscreen mode, changing to Windowed Fullscreen mode fix the problem.

Please feel free to try this and let us know if it worked for you.

As always, thank you for your feedback and continued support.

PC update needs fixed. I try to start the game and it just loads up the new Funcom Launcher Screen. However it will not scroll down and it has no place for me to launch the actual game.

Two fixes. One, bypass the launcher all together. The shortcut you need to the exe is in the binaries folder.

Second is to currently set your desktop resolution to 100% scale (that’s obviously a temporary workaround)

ok ty

I think the closest thing to 2.4 coming soon is from Mayra’s post a few days back, about misbehaving thralls:

"Update 2.4 will be released for Testlive in the very near future and it will follow the same procedure that we had for 2.3: testing, receiving your feedback, patching, and testing again!

At the moment we are aiming for the 2.4 live release next month"

But like you, I’ve not seen any comments from staff about “next week”. But if they want 2.4 live in April, the Testlive is probably dropping within a couple weeks at the latest.