PC Update 2.5 Discussion Megathread

No you still get free legendaries and still do not need a key as of 10 mins when I tested it , click it a couple of times it says you need a key then puff it pops the item right in your inventory key free.

Okay, so:

  • An other very unique weapon got thrown into the pit by changing it to a plain common bow.
  • No bleed refine, so some unique weapons are not as unique anymore (plus the bow above - yeah, deleting the unique features of multiple weapons in almost every update and hotfix helps the game to be more diverse).
  • Broken water/grass/and who knows what else textures. And not small, foot-sized patches but HUGE areas that can be seen from long distances.
  • A new free loot event that considered to be ended but NOT. It’s not quick-looted anymore just free-looted? But I understand this: who the heck needs legendaries anymore, when there are almost no uniqueness in them, and you can craft waaay better weapons now.

I’m STILL gonna stick with the 2.4 version I guess :roll_eyes: … (Thankfully there is already a mod that eliminates the second problem, hopefully there will be a mod that reverts the first one too, and the devs rethink those changes for good). This hot"""""“fix”""" and the 2.5 update - yes, there are some improvements, but there are major issues that hurt me, and definately many others - are a big punch in the balls.


For me it works only that way on official server pvp (need key but it won’t consume it) but I guess it’s not consistent like conan exiles as a whole. Seems like buggy mess worse then it was before.

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I had 7 Mods. The Mod launcher and Experience and Squad mods. All Vortex Mods. I disabled all of them. But its the Same Story… I am Despaired…



Just to confirm - I’ve now checked singleplayer no mods, and it’s the exact same as you describe (need key, but can use ‘f’ to not consume it). So I guess it’s more fixed than it was before the hotfix, since at least you now need to have a key…

Edit: I’ve opened a bug report, so that Funcom can officially be aware of the issue.


What the transfer function will do is empower crossserver clans and we will start looking like Ark more and more. Runners will obtain thralls and certain legendary gear that is far easier to farm in the EL and IoS armor, weapons and vault sigils. The poor little lone wolf player will wither and die. Maybe that is the end goal all along but I’m not a big fan of this…unless you link specific EL and IoS servers. Here me out on this. You can have EL only servers, IoS servers, and specific servers linked so you can move between them. I can see that being a very interesting concept. My biggest complaint is that I agree with Wak’s video…who would drop everything they couldn’t carry and base and leave just to gain the advantage of their progression…especially when it’s very easy to level up to max and even max out feat on either server? I don’t see many people using this legitimately but the META abusers will exclusively.

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Does this update really take up 75 GB (Steam says it needs to install that amount)?
If so, how will this keep going on? If the update really is that big the game will take up almost 200 GB of disk space, which is just insane considering that I probably can’t even use half of that because I don’t have the Siptah DLC.


Sounds like you have some corrupted files or Steam desync (can happen to any Steam game).

Does that mean it only needs to update those files and the space will come back? Because Steam really did grab ~80 GB space on my SSD when I started the download.

Probably. My guess is Steam is allocating space to download/install (don’t quote me on that).

I just did a quick look at my install folder, its 115GB total.


Oh ok, I hope that’s it!

Man, this must have been annoying to patch this exploit.

Did we have a patch today?

Hello guys! Unable to export a character from an official PvE-C server (the same on the Exiled Lands AND Siptah). I have transferred one character from this server before a couple of days ago, and now as I am trying to export my new one from here it shows me a cooldown of 530+ hours (24 days). According to the patch notes, it should be only 24 hours, and not 24 days! Please fix it or point at the solution.

Thanks in advance!
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Server transfer had some issues, so cooldown is temporarily increased to 30 days, you can read more here;


Added new entry to the changelog: