PC Update 2.7 - Discussion Megathread

Ammeg we have a private server, Siptah map and the events are spawning there.

I’d also like to say to the devs that I am back playing (on private server) after a long hiatus. I’m loving the changes to the game and especially the continue button in the launcher. Thanks for the improvements to the game.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Could you please create a bug report over on this forum section? PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

This way you can add all the information you’ve gathered and we can pass it over to our development team.

Thank you so much for helping us with this issue investigation.

Hi @Ammeg88

Could you please create a bug report over on this forum section? PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Also if you can, please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Thank you so much for helping us with this issue investigation.

Hi @Phyrino

We apologize for having to reinstall Conan Exiles in order to get the latest update.
Our development team is currently working alongside the Microsoft team to figure out this issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

what about that building system? I dont get it, i guess it should check spawnzones of bosses and vistas… but its not working i mean look at this screen ( the nemedian spider spawn boss) someone builded elevator on it, and it still prevents boss to spawn…

Are you referring to the PoI system that we implemented with the 2.7 update?
Currently this only works for Obelisks but our development team is working on expanding this system to other important landmarks and NPC spawns on the map.

You can read more on how this currently works in the patch notes

  • Added new Point of Interest protection system. In this initial implementation it will protect obelisks in the Exiled Lands. This new system will periodically check the surroundings of these locations. Buildings found blocking access to these resources will be automatically destroyed.
  • This is controlled via Server Setting, and comes disabled by default. PoiProtectionEnabled=false

ah ok so guess still need report them if they not taking that elevator away, because i think on siptah only 1 place where nemedian helmet spider spawns… and for now he is not spawning… :frowning:

Yes. Please feel free to report this over on Zendesk so that the team can look into it further.

Thanks @Dana

Added it here:

So that’s what happened, lol. I guess I have had this problem as well.

My Game will not start it keeps showing running but will not starti the game after update

Me and my friends are parents too.
We just started playing CE few weeks ago and still completely unaware of these update issues.
We have one evening in the week off from our duties as fathers and last Friday we spend half our evening figuring out why our client (via game pass) couldn’t connect to our server (with auto updates).

@dana Can you please ask dev team are they planning to port CE on new version of Unreal engine? Like 4.27+

Thats sad to hear. A suppose DX12 arent in plans either

im having lag since last update, like i play with 50/60 fps and when it rains i get 20/30 i tested it on singleplayer too. tried everything. i didnt had this before the update. any fix?

any idea when will that be?

Hi Dana!
Is it possible to have som more accurate information about the POI system around obelisks on official servers?
Is it deleting the whole building if some buildingparts is as close as you can place it to the obelisk (lets say a path from the obelisk that is connected to a larger building), or does the system check forex 30 meters in all directions from the obelisk and delete everything inside the sircle?
OR does the system check and react only if the obelisk is completely blocked, and then destroy…?
This may be a good clarification for players. How close to the obelisks can you actually build relative safe…
Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:
Best regards!

Why were the Tongue of the Serpent Men and ‎‎Valusian language dictionaries added to the Exiled Lands as journals instead of relic fragment chests like every other language dictionary?

Not only is it strangely inconsistent, it also means you don’t get the recipe scrolls from them so you can’t give copies of the dictionaries to other people.

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Last night i got a 14 mb update, after it the fps drop and shuttering/freezing reduced a lot. Not solved but improved a lot. Any one knows what was this 14mb update?

Thanks Drachen. Unfortunatelly it was not related with the actual performance problems :mask: