PC Update 34 (04.10.2018) - The Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag religion

Do you want to suggest it in the Suggestions subforum (since it’s your idea and you could also explain about the issues you’re having) to give it more visibility? Otherwise I will, it’s a cool idea.

Well, now I will write. I thought it would be enough here, as it concerns the patch that came out.

Yeah, I’m just not sure that it will get noticed by Jens or Tascha buried in this long thread. Cool suggestion deserves it’s own own thread in the suggestion subforum.

Did not know. I always tried to write in one branch, so as not to repeat. Apparently, many of my suggestions were missed. Thank you.
Now I don’t have time to write big ideas. Secured the message and write in the evening.

Agreed. Suggestions should always have their own thread, otherwise it’s difficult to see them, and discussing them becomes a mess in catch-all threads like this one.

Is that a 25 by 25 foundation square (625 blocks) or 5 x 5 foundation square (25 blocks)?

Increasing the radius and increase food efficiency by placing a cook is a great idea.

Neither. If it’s a radius, it’s 25 foundations in any directions, ie a circle (or rather, in this case, a sphere) around the pot.

Like so:
               25 sq
    ◄- 25 sq - (POT) - 25 sq -►
               25 sq

I am not sure if that’ll work… let’s see. So it’s not just 25 squares west, or east, or north of the pot - it’s 25 squares in ANY direction, including up and down (but also all diagonals and everything in between).

Basically it is a circle inside a 50 block by 50 block square. Got it.

Yeah you could say that. But obviously that means that the “corners” of a 50x50 block square would NOT be covered :slight_smile:

Definitely dont work… I did everything you told me!

I also played for a while on an official PVP server where I am well established. And I am also eligible for the purge. Nothing after 2 hours “alone” on the server!

Thank you for taking the time and patience to answer me!

Feel free to give it a like/bump in the suggestion subforum if you like it :wink:

White is fed, purplish is out of luck and go hungry.


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We need a Hunter thrall!

the hunger system for thralls is BUGGED. they reset today… and it did again 2 days ago…

so we are feeding them for no reason…

Funcom, please fix it!



the mechanics for pvp are already set up for easy escape…dipping is often used and ruins the combat that should be present in a Conan world. I can see in pve not needed, maybe a slider type set up. but right now this game resembles a Michael Bay Actio
movie, not a John Milias Conan movie:)

Bug: Corner foundation blocks are not built on ceilings now.

Place more than one pot. I have 11 pots in the area of my base that is populated with thralls.

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I plan on doing that. I wanted to make sure that I understood how each pot covers an area before placing multiple pots. Right now in my solo game most of my bases are small enough that currently one pot should be sufficient, but I plan on expanding.

Part 2 has been released! You can find the full patch notes and a write-up about the pets system in this thread:

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