PC Update destroyed about half our chests

Like the title says, update destroyed about half our chests and if you were logging in near the chests the items in loot bags from the destroyed chests had despawned before the client had fully loaded so you would lose all those items.

LOL to top it off when I ran over to a clan mates base to check for him, it apparently happens when you load into an area so he actually had loot bags full of stuff that I tried to save but found out there is a new inventory limit. Nice timing on that one FC.

Since I’m the server admin I had made a backup before running the update, loaded it up again with the same issue. So I restored the backup a second time and shut the server down to await a fix. hopefully this gets fixed.

As I understand it this was a known issue with testlive and may 8th is really close. Don’t misunderstand, I only with the best for this game, but holy cow this seems to be cutting things really close.