[PC] Yoggite Bone Spear & Single/Triple Weapon Display Racks

Game mode: [Online | Official Server]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America | East Coast]

When you place a Yoggite Bone Spear on the Single Weapon Display Rack it is not centered, places at bottom of rack and extends downward into the floor tile. On the Triple Rack it is displaced far to the right.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Make a Yoggite Bone Spear on a Yog Altar (tier 2 or tier 3)
2.Make Single and Triple Weapon Display Racks on an Artisan’s Worktable.
3.Place Weapon Display Racks.
4. Place Yoggite Bone Spear on either rack.

Not just the Yoggite Bone Spear but ALL spears do that all of the time, since EA.

I remember that from EA but was hoping that it had been fixed since the display racks were nonfunctional for so long. Thanks for the info that its all and not just the one.