Weapons Display Rack Bug

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]

I an not certain if this has been reported yet or not. I happened upon this one last night while I was decorating my base. Offline, Singleplayer, ps4. Basically when Javelins are placed on either a Single Slot or Triple Slot Weapons Display rack, they are unalligned, or not sitting ‘centered’ on the racks. See images below.

As the image would suggest, I tested this using numerous types of Javelins, Black Ice, Serpent-man and Dragonbone (pictured), but also Iron and Steel (not pictured). The bug seems to affect all Javelins, regardles of type or which Weapon Display Rack is used, and if placed low enough, they will clip through the floor.

I then began to wonder if perhaps this bug was affecting Spears too. However, as the below pictures show (tested using Obsidian), Spears seem to be unaffected.

Finally, I began to wonder if this bug was unique to throwing weapons, so I tried numerous types of Throwing Axes on both types of the Weapons Display Racks (not pictured), however they were functioning normally. This problem seems to be unique to Javelins.

I would hardly call this bug urgent or game breaking. However, I felt it should be called to the devs attention.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place any type of Weapons Display Rack
  2. Place any type of Javelin on the Racks
  3. Notice that it it is not aligned correctly
  4. Give Funcom a courtesy FYI
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Hey @Croms_Faithful

We’re aware of this issue and we released a fix for in a recent PC Hotfix. It should be included within the massive parity patch once it’s released on all platforms. :slight_smile:

@Ignasi Oh ok I didnt realise. Pardon my ignorance, and cheers for the reply and the impending fix.

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