Weapon displays have floating weapons

Game mode: Online And Singleplayer
Problem: Visual Bug
Region: US

This would probably be a low priority thing to fix, but probably a quick and simple fix too. But when you place a throwing axe into the weapon display mount, the model is… offset and floating in the air a little under a foot away from the actual display mount. It does seem to affect the hit box as I’ve run face first into one of the handles a couple of times. This also include the ancient javelin, the model appears to… be a touch off center when placed on the rack with the other weapons. There may be more, but these are the items I have personally observed in my armory. It appears to be all the throwing axes too.

A few Screenshots to show what I mean below from my steam profile.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build and place 3 slot weapon display on wall
  2. Build throwing axe
  3. Place throwing axe into weapon display mount
  4. Observe throwing axe model.
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