Pending Connection Failure Feedback needed

And when are you going yo fix the crashing problema?? What are you waiting for??

As a heads-up. We have a fix for the Pending Connection Issue that will be patched in sometime this week (CERT permitting). Thanks a lot for all your input and patience on this.

Regarding Crashes, those are also being worked on :slight_smile:

Mine crashed a few times after installing DLC, but after a reboot it seemed to clear up and is crashing less… any update from FunCom?

Any ETA on the crash fix?

It has been several days, but I think it was just when I tried logging on after normal sign out. However, I have been dropped so frequently I am not 100% sure. I had a new message pop up yesterday about the server attempting to synch with my Xbox - I have been in a huge drop loop since. I have gotten to the point where I am afraid to carry any gear or armor because I know I will lose them to server drops. Every time I start a battle, even with a single animal it is dropping me. Right before it drops the game makes this horrible buzzing noise, freezes and then goes to black. Right now, it won’t even get past the server menu without booting me back to the dashboard. I play on official PVE server 2503, character name jessi, location is near the three towers.

Do thralls left in greater wheel of pain disappear after awhile?

It’s been better lately but, I got dashboarded yesterday around 6:30 pm est. char is Verm1325 server 2505

Character name: THORS HAMMER11b

Server: xbox official 2875 PvP N. America

Online at server reset! Can’t connect to server. Please reset. Thank you. Look forward to patch this week.

Server #2985 seems to have rest at 1530 EST. I was on line when this happend. Can not log back in. Getting “could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost” my name is oldgoat SM T29.

Please help.

Time now 2100 EST. Going on 6 hours and still can’t get on to server #2985. No word as to why.

Server 2653 crashed kicking everyone. Now all i can get is. Lost connection with host. Direct connect to internet doesnt work. Switching wifis dont work. Please help. Can never wear gear because whats the point. The game finds a way to kick you and let you starve to death. There goes my star metal sword.

Xbox One Server 2804
Character name: Chuckin8r

We rolled out a patch for this earlier today. Please let us know if this problem persists.

Every time that I get Dcd, and there is a server reset, I cant log in that server untill the next day server reset. 24hts!!! Please fix it!

Thank you guys. Hopefully this works

I think it is bad code in the latest patch. Mine is still crashing minutes after turning it on after going out for dinner. I may try another complete reinstall as that fixed it after the last unstable patch, by which I mean every patch ever

Not to my knowledge, but they probably do given all the bugs

Could you reset 2502, or do something to let me log in for longer that 3 seconds. I log in then 3 seconds later get kicked out of game

Log into single player co/OP mode. Select offline. Let game run from 2-5 minutes. Log out and then log into online mode, just dont restart your xbox.

You will still probably crash every hour, but that is how most of us deal with the 5-20 seconds in game then crash bug.