Pending connection failure, xbox

same thing 2725 i can get in but my clan cant.

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Hi I’m currently having the same issues as the guys above. Was able to connect to 2006pve and now nothing. Tried clearing the Xbox cache. The game lets me log onto another server but not the one I’ve pumped countless hrs into. Please help. The game is great but I can’t play it!!

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2808 needs a reset now please

So does 2809, I recently asked for help but this is very similar to my story, was on this morning then got suddenly kicked and now cant get on even tho other people are in the server, hoping to get in soon so I can be around to watch my base and all.

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It’s been 6h how often do you guys check your forums.

They’re more worried about their upcoming stream than the 1000´s who can’t login it seems. They just reminded us on twitter to check out the stream but no word on a fix sadly

(xboxone)Day 2 and still can’t find the server I play on. No longer in my favorites or in history?

I’m having the same issue on official server #2727, can’t get back in after the third crash of the day despite restarting everything

I have the same issue as VGLQ on server #2725.
I think a restart will fix it.

Server 2511 needs restarted

Same on 2100 has been like that since about 5am

I think server 2725 needs a restart.
It kicks me out on the end of the loading bar
I’ve tried everything


Same thing and I lost everything lol

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Please restart 2511 same problems as everyone else

I am having the same problem now with 2503 PVE

same thing 2812 pvp

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Same on 2111. How is this game been offically released!

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no clue man it’s great on pc … should of just stayed there and not wasted my money on the xbox ver

Can u pls restart server 2725 pve

Also restart 2735 I haven’t been able to play since last night. Love the game though. I want my buddies to play but everytime they try they keep getting dashboarded. They have gave up.