Performance problem

Someone tell me what to do not have 15 fps?

Ryzen 7 2700x, Radeon RX580 8G, 16gb 3600Hz memory, it’s a clear joke to run this game on this machine!

The Radeon RX580, as good of a value as it is, just isn’t a super high end video card. It’s about equal to that of my Nivida 980 GTX as far as performance, and I can tell you my 980 struggles with this game in a lot of aspects (I’m finally upgrading tomorrow though!!! YAY!!!). That said, 15 FPS seems really low. Even my 980 GTX in it’s worse moments will hover around 30-40 FPS.

Lower to 1080P resolution? Try Anti-Aliasing to 2X. Is this single player, or on a server? If single player, try on a server to see if your FPS will improve. If server, try a different server or single player, maybe you are on a server that has a ton of buildings and placeables on it (like a ton ton). Have you done the usual steps like checking your drivers, seeing if there are anything that could be killing your performance in the background running, etc? Check your virus protections to see if it’s blocking anything?

There has also been Radeon issues with Conan Exiles in the past, I’m not sure if those were ever resolved or not. I can’t remember the details, but there were some ini tweaks people have suggested in the past that was specific to Radeon, though I don’t know if that had anything to do with FPS or if it was crash issues.

I have just uninstalled the latest adrenaline, and instead, I installed the drivere that the drver booster has. So you have the 35-60 fps so you can enjoy the game.

But I do not think this is normal.

but as I put an Adrenaline back from fps 10-15 again, it does not matter to the version number.

Resolution has the biggest impact on frames and I can’t tell a difference between high and medium, though I assume that is tied to my 60hz monitor.

At the rather large base I can pull 30 fps off

Once I leave the base I bounce between 50 and 60

What worries me are the GPU temps. I Idle around 30 and most games push me to high 40s. I can break 70C with this game.

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