Permanent stutter/low FPS due to mouse polling rate

Game version: PC Steam
Type of issue: Performance
Mods: No


I had 140 FPS when using a controller and 0-30 FPS as soon as I make any mouse movement.
I tested for half an hour and found out this is due to the polling rate of my mouse (Razer Viper 8k HZ)
Lowering the polling rate to 1000 completely removed the FPS/Stutter issue

I created an account to inform you about the issue because I almost refunded the game due to this.
Maybe it helps other people who get the same problem or you can get a bugfix in.


Steps to Reproduce:

1.Buy Razer Viper 8K HZ and set to highest polling rate.
2.Framerate drops noticable already in the main menu
3. lower polling rate to remove issue

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Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.