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The Forest map in Conan ? :stuck_out_tongue:

No… this is an entirely new map…

Oh you meant the game the forest… not far off actually!


I suddenly want to see Virginias and Armseys in Conan. And roaming war parties.

Trailer coming soon, release soon after!


What’s it called? When is “soon” (expected release – a day, a week, a month, a year – not looking for an exact release date, just a general expectation)

What’s in it? (what should a player expect if playing on this map – again, generalities, not specific locations or anything like that)

Can you create a unicorn, a pegasus, and a ship or boat with the horse’s mechanics when it swims in the water? an emoticon lying down eating grapes a bow that makes a shower of arrows a mod that can pass weapon abilities for example underwater breathing to other weapons. a net fishing mod. a whale a seal a shark an octopus a three-headed dragon spits acid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am making the trailer tomorrow but I suppose I can tease…

8x8 Jungle island, adapts the original movie lore, and has some hidden systems that won’t be revealed until people figure it out for themselves… new monsters, new npcs, all the contents of the base game and a custom soundtrack.


“All good things to those who wait.”

I hate waiting. :frowning:

Now we’re talking! Don’t know if whale and shark make it into release day… but they are planned.

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You could give me your word as a Spaniard?

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Wouldn’t a normal barbarian survive there? nor the barbaric sorcery of the legends I hope they have adjusted the difficulty or they will not survive even 5 minutes. That’s all I’m saying and that friend is very scary. :exploding_head: :scream: hahaha

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I have amped the difficulty by making the island itself your enemy…

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I’ll wait for the trailer to understand more. I think I have a premonition. I hope there are no giant man-eating worms.

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Can’t wait.

I may just go ahead and push it live today… I’m feeling squirrely… if I do, there will be a second post and I will link it here.

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I just implemented pitbulls as wildlife and pets…

I scaled down the full sized dog for the puppies, but I figure in the absence of a clean puppy model, that was good for the time being.


Who’s a good boi?!

The playful pit is good to go.