Personal warhorns (carriable, clan hears anywhere on map)

Personal warhorns we could blow and pick from different tones would be awesome, Have the warhorn (and the original placeable) sounds for all clan mates anywhere in the map kind of like the purge horn, that way clan mates can set up communication with warhorns if they’d like, ie high pitch means come home, low tone could mean under attack

Just something that could be a lot of fun for us to play with :blush:


I want shoehorns.

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I can already imagine 20-30 players constantly using such a warhorn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thus we shall need the option like sheathed weapons to turn it off for ourselves lol😉

This would be super cool to have at least on console since we don’t even have an in game chat.

Yes I can message someone or party up with them, but I’d much prefer some game supported method

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